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Yesterday we went out walking, searching for mushrooms with our good friend and fellow forest person Mick (he´s the one in the white hat).

We had just appeared in a television show (we´re there at around 39.00) and I was getting a lot of emails and friends request and high hits and scores in all of the right places… but I felt drained. I was thinking about war and lies. I was thinking about the empire and the resistance, the money and the manipulation. No matter how far you run these things still catch up on you. There is something WRONG in the world.

Until you rise from your chair and go for a walk.


And you open your eyes and you see.


and you do this. You have to do this. It will heal you.


When we got here we didn´t know much about mushrooms.

We didn´t know much about anything, really. We quickly learned though. Desperation is a great tutor. This here is food. It is very healthy. It tastes very nice. It will keep you full all through winter.


We picked lots of mushrooms.


We saw traces from an elk or a bear.


This picture is here for no apparent reason.


So is this.


When we got home we inspected the harvest.


and then we sliced the mushrooms real thin to later dry them inside, by the wood burning stove. There is lots and lots of food and healing in the world. There is plenty.


and I want to remember this.

ps. My book is almost finished now. It´s in Danish until we see how well it sells, then it will be translated (hopefully). You can preorder my book and get it delivered to your doorstep on the day of the release:

Meanwhile I´ll still be microblogging on facebook. Because I´m still feeling a bit drained and I have to take at least 5 more walks in the forest until I´m fully charged. Smiley.

3 comments on “There is plenty in the world

  1. sofieloveisenough says:

    vil glæde mig til at læse bogen.


  2. Alaverdi says:

    Book ordered! Loved the Television show. So inspirational..


  3. joel says:

    nice, fick inspiration av hur killen gjorde block av stocken med yxa, så har provat nu, funkar bra, vet inte vad jag ska bygga med blocken bara?!


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