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When we got to this spot in the universe there was an old apple tree standing, still standing.
It was the only apple tree around. It bore no apples.

Old, wind torn, almost overgrown by other, more aggressive, plants. And ants. Crawling in and out of every wrinkle on her face, up and down her body.

I lamented the lack of apples and I felt sorry for her like I feel sorry for the poor, the mistreated, the lonely and the misunderstood. It´s human you know. It´s one of our finest sentiments: being able to feel sorry for someone.

It was two years ago now that we did this… ran to the mountains, into the woods. It was two years ago my life changed and I changed and everything changed. These last two years have been the most rewarding years of my life- but also the hardest. I´ve been in survival mode for two years now, my body was aching and screaming, my mind was dissolving.
That´s what happens you know, when you leave everything behind. And all that you thought you knew.

I dont have a lot of words in me, still, I´m still quiet.
But I want to tell you about the apple tree because the apple tree has blessed me. Still more life. It ripples through me.

We planted two apple trees close to the old apple tree this spring. To keep her company.
Then summer came and summer up here is so short. Oh god, it´s so short.
And intense. And sweet. And social.
We surrounded her with life and laughter, screaming, yelling, crying, people, work.
In return she gave us apples.

I stood by the apple tree this morning, to gaze upon the apples.
Eight or nine of them, maybe more.

I know that the apple tree is very old.
I know that there used to live a lady on this land, more than 50 years ago. I notice traces in the landscapes, old paths, almost invisible to the eye, flowers that don´t belong naturally to the forest, a patch of forest strawberries that someone has tended to, cared for.

Next to the old apple tree stands a rotten trunk. It must have been an apple tree since these kinds of trees can´t grow alone, they need each other to pollinate, to grow apples.
I can only assume that the trunk is all that is left of her companion.
The trunk has almost sunken into the soil.
Before her, the apple tree, stands 3 or 4 small trees. I think they are her children. I almost cut them down with the scythe when I was clearing the area around her.

The apple tree and me, we´re communicating.



4 comments on “The apple tree

  1. I like the quiet! I used to talk a lot but find it to be very draining now – the words steal my life – especially other People’s word!! – a lot of people Lie – they lei a LOT – when they Lie I get extremely sad!!! – but you can’t Lie when you are quiet – that is why I like the quiete moments … You tree is in good hands – Thank you 🙂


  2. Lene Toft says:

    And still you dont believe, that this apple tree has born any
    fruit in 50 years. Not before you came and talk to her?.. 😉


  3. Deb says:

    Thank you. Just . . . thank you.


  4. carol says:

    so beautiful. Thank you.


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