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Sebastian, Victoria and Silas are away on vacation in Denmark. I miss them. It´s very quiet without them.

One of the cats gave birth to two kittens yesterday.

We live in a cabin in the woods not on a selfsufficient farm. I´m not sure I want the farm thing. I like the cabin-in-the-woods thing. These are thoughts that I struggle with.

We´ve had lots of woofers coming this summer. I see everything that we do out here as an political act.

I´m not updating this blog a lot because I´m writing a book. I´m running short of long sentences. Will be microblogging on facebook meanwhile. Come join. Smiley.


We are putting windows on the second floor. And covering the exterior of the house with tar paper and rough planks.


This year we are building: a mudroom (extension to the cabin). A sauna. A tiny house to Victoria. And fixing the rootcellar.
We had many more plans but time is different out here. It´s a real good thing that we have help!


This will be the entrance to hour house. And a storage room for clothes and food.


He has begun to make his own tools. Axes and stuff.


Like this hammer.


This guy is bored and miss his siblings.


Sometimes I read him books in the hammock.


Or we go collect the catterpillars on the kale. They´ve really attacked the kale badly. We feed the caterpillars to the hens.


This is my bed of camomille. I love that bed. I´m thinking we´ll get through this winter by camomille and sanct johns wort.


This is the spiral herb bed that the woofers made.  It´s located where the chimney stood in the old house (that we took down and reused the material from). I like that the energy of the old will spiral out this way, through the medicinal herbs that I will (eventually) nurture here.
I like how time goes round. And round.

Also I like that platform (the old floor in the background) I´ve begun to do yoga and shit. Facing the sun in the mornings.


All that we have here… we´ve buildt in only one year. Last year, around this time, I was laying on the sofa, just having returned home after major surgery, on this very exact spot where I now grow carrots and beets and selleri and kale and peas and maize and cucumbers. Two caravans where located at this very spot.
Look how life changes…


Now this is a funny picture. In the front you have the heirloom potatoes that I only grow for saving and keeping this year (in big bags). They have all sorts of different names and different colors, got them from Svalbard seedbank- potatoes on the brink of extermination. I cheerish them deeply.

Also there´s this rose. I think it is very ugly. It didn´t look anything like that on the image in the plantshop. I only bought it because of it´s name anyways (“finding happiness”). I´ve come to appreciate it for these very reassons.

In the background is the maize (heirloom, a thoussand colors). I planted them using the “3 sisters design” originally used by native indians in america: co-planting maize, beans and zuchini have many benefits. The plants protect eachother from pests. The bean crawls up the stalk of the maize, the squash will cover the area around the maize and protect it from weed.

Also I should have some images of the forest lake and us floating around in the sunshine waters.
But I allways forget my camera when we go there.

So here is a picture of Silas walking in the river. The wolves had taken an elk, he was scouting for the skelleton bits.



Ps. Our community is growing. Debby and Alexis are a great ressource of knowledge (they´ve been selfsufficient for many years now) and I just love it when the row acros the lake to party with us. This is their blog. We also do have a lot of woofers, volunters and guests passing through the woods. One of them (Monique) wrote blogposts about her stay here – others have decided to stay all through winter.
These are very exiting times. Summertimes.

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