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We had an incredible day last year
The neighbours brought a group of WWOOF’ers to our place for one day of work.

We managed to make the house about 1,5m higher on that day.
Impressive when anarchy and focus melts together like that…

Three of those people where brittish students.
They made a little piece of film about their experience.

Please watch it, and share it.
They might win a contest.

Feel like WOOF’ing?

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2 comments on “WWOOF’ing in Värmland

  1. Simon says:

    It seems great things are happening there.
    I ll be around soon, and i would be delighted to give hand from june 26th till july 1st.
    Let me know.
    (And if you din t have time, is it possible to have a quick visit ? Or do you know people needing manish help around karlstad or stockholm ?


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