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Going out

Today I drove to town to work (write).
Sometimes it´s good to get away.
Puts everything into perspective.
This is what it looks like when I go.

Sit down, look up, turn engine on.


Our road.
50 years ago a woman and a man lived on this land. There was no road here, only a small path through the forest.


Some trees, some moss.


This is where our road meets the bigger forest road.
The sign was the first thing that we made when we got here.
This is where the school bus drops Silas off. He likes to lay down next to the sign and look up into the sky for a while before walking home.


This is the creek that separates two districts. We live on one side of the creek – our sweet, sweet neighbours live on the other.


Then you drive up the hills.


Up and down the hills you go.


and your kid will enjoy the ride.


You´ll pass a number of lakes, diamond lakes.


And tiny cabins. Like this for instance.


This curve is tricky. Once I drove in the ditch right around here.


And the swamp. For some reason the elks like to stand in the middle of this swamp.


And THEN you get to the community house. This is where I do our laundry.
Even the smallest little tiny town in Sweden has a community house (called “bygdegård”).


So now you´re on the main road. This is where the forest machines and the trucks deliver and load up. Make no mistake- the forest is an industry. Never get in the way of a forest-monster!


And at this place- where the forest meets the fat of the farmland, where the mountain hills meet the river valleys… they burn the soil in the springtime. It enriches the soil.


This river was completely frozen just some days ago. I like to stop at the bridge and look at the water flowing.


These are the blue mountains.
Behind them: Norway.


Down there is Lysvik. A train station. A grocery store. A school. A kindergarten.

I left Sigurd in the kindergarten for a couple of hours and drove to an even bigger city. To sit in a café, with a mac, drinking latte … but there was so many people and an ever going ABBA loop.
I should have just stayed in the forest.

(ps. It was Sigurds birthday the other day, I uploaded some pictures to the fb page)

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One comment on “Going out

  1. Roxana says:

    Thank you for the lovely pictures! My husband and I really enjoyed them!


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