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Sharing is caring

Some time ago I received an email from a follower of this blog. He wrote about sanctuaries. He said that in a world gone insane that´s all one can do.
One can create sanctuaries. Guard the knowledge. Plant the seeds. Sustain one self and share whatever surplus energy one might have.

To give seems to be the most meaningful of all human actions. Maybe living is in essence giving and maybe we would feel better if we gave more. Generosity is the antidote to the speculative cost/benefit analysis of our time it seems.
If we insist on kindness… maybe kindness will come. If we insist on sharing our life, thoughts, labor, food… maybe generosity will prevail.
Don´t you think?

I´ve been thinking a lot about that lately namely because throughout this experience we have insisted on sharing- our experiences, our home.
I don´t know how that came about it just sort of happened.
We´ve wellcomed a lot of guests, we´ve met strangers, we´ve written solid honest words of despair.

We have received plenty.
We have given plenty.
Sharing seems to have become an integrated part of our forest existence.
I don´t know how or why.
The sanctuary kind of created itself.


So there´s that.
Then there´s the practicality. I don’t think people are supposed to be alone and do everything by themselves. It´s too hard and you can´t really run a farm all by yourself. You need help.
We need help.

Willing Workers On Organic Farms is an organization that connects people who wants to travel and work- with the people on the farms. I´m making a profile there in a couple of days. This season we´ll be welcoming woofers.
However we´ll also be welcoming YOU.

We rented a farmhouse in the forest, our neighbour moved away and it stood there, all empty and unused and it was a pity to look at. So now we have an extra house.

This is the house


This is the deal

You go to Lysvik. We pick you up at the station. We drive you to the farmhouse. You install yourself.

In the house you will find food. In the house you will find a guy named Emil.
Emil is the caretaker.
He might ask you to chop some wood, fetch water in the well or tend to the garden. There is no electricity in the house.

This is Emil (to the left). He came to visit us this spring and decided to stay.
The nice people on the right are readers of this blog who came to visit (and they brought their own homemade beer and cheese!)

It was nice.


Every morning at 10 you go to our house (a 20 minutes walk).
You work at our house for some hours each day. We give you lunch.
When we´re finished we drive you home. Maybe Emil will cook you dinner- if he´s busy doing something else there will be food in the kitchen so you can make something yourself.

Some days you might not need to come to our house.
Other days we might need you to work very hard.

The things we need to get done this season are

* Creating hugelkultur raised beds (we have a forest garden going on here)

* Building a permatemple (greenhouse,henhouse, hot water room/shower, workshop -combined)

* Building a root cellar

* Finishing the roof on our cabin

* Building a mudroom (an addition to our cabin)

* Building woodshed (and chopping wood)

* Making a path down to the lake and general work in the forest

* Weeding, cleaning, looking after the children, doing the dishes, foraging, canning, drying, baking. And such

See, I have this deadline. I´m writing a book. This book might sustain us for a whole year (we´re never gonna get self-sufficient with the chocolate, the tobacco, the gasoline, the salt and the flour and besides the kids are in school- they need STUFF). SO I´ll be writing and Jeppe will be building buildings and YOU will be helping him out and if he dosn´t need help you´ll be helping in the house.

If you´re interested write me a letter telling me a little bit about who you are and what you would like to gain from this experience. It´s better if we tune into each others needs and wants.
(We can´t cater to speciel diets, we like to have our evenings to ourselves (generally but not all of the time)  and we prefer 1-2 weeks stay. We drink, smoke, eat meat and have an inappropiate sense of humour. Now you know)
We´ll share our life with you. You´ll share your life with us.
It´s all good.

Write to:
Staying with us wont be a holiday…. but you might get a glimpse of the pink skies!

pink skies til blog


PS. This is a little bit about who we are and what we do. Our story in pictures.

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3 comments on “Sharing is caring

  1. says:

    nicely done.


  2. Ole Bole says:

    “We drink, smoke, eat meat and have an inappropiate sense of humour” 🙂

    Will throw my stuff away, fix the bicycle and come your way !


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