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The poles are melting, always on the brink of some war and the weather! Man!

We´re supposed to be running around in t-shirts by now- but it´s still minus degrees during the nights and I don´t know what to do.

This is our third easter in the forest. Every year it´s been a different tone and a different feeling celebrating spring…. and every year celebrating spring has been a celebration of freedom. Equals life.

Our spring celebrations usually take many days and involves all kinds of undefined rituals such as standing gazing at the night sky, moments of absolute total inner peace/ closed eyes in the sunshine, different social encounters and many guests, being together as a family. Spring rituals are a multitude of things-that-just-seem- to-happen… every year. And then our easter celebration is an act of will power.

Every year.
This is the same.

Yesterday spring arrived in our lives. It was an act of will. We decided to go outside.

With our tweaked eyes and our tired minds we just began to build something.
Outside. Oh, outside.
A permacultural raised bed/compost (will update about the project later).

Yesterday was such a beautiful day. Yesterday was such a beautiful celebration of spring. And freedom. And past. And togetherness. And peace.

Here they are, all of them, in the cabin cave


Look how the snow is melting! Look how it forcefully holds on! Look, how we laugh! Right up in it´s face!


The area around our house is scattered with building materials from last year.
It´s been hidden under the snow.

Oh. Last year. Such a desperate time. We ran to get into the house before the frost. We didn´t have time to tend to the outside area.

Now is the time for clean-up. Now it is time to use and re-use the old materials.
(ps. Yes, we still need to finish the roof on the cabin and insulate the walls. And paint it. And. And. And)


“Come. Let´s build a raised bed!”


Here´s a picture of some beautiful sticks I found in the forest floor while making room for the raised bed/compost thing.
Will use them to build a bird palace I think.


Easter lunch. Lots of eggs and pickled herring. Naturally the stuffed animals were invited to the party too.


Having the coffee outside.


This is the foundation. He was very particulate about the foundation. He said
” The foundation is so important. I´ve learned that”
This is the foundation of summer.


One of our neighbours kindly lets us use the sauna on one of his properties.
I went there alone in the dark. Got a good scrub. Outside the door: a million small stars, a lake, a snow hare and a living, breathing world.


I have awoken. Hibernation is over. We ran out into the sun and the light and the warmth of the world- and it was revitalizing, it was grand, it was holy!

I can´t believe that all that we dream about, during those cold, hard, dark times… do exist.
It does, you know.


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4 comments on “Euphoria

  1. Søren Johannesen says:

    Oh what a day!
    Do you have any insights/thoughts into why we (as in all of us living in the cold north) stay here and have been living here for thousands of years? – when we so loooog for the Spring, Summer, Warmth?
    …. It is kind of strange!


  2. andreahejlskov says:

    It was quite the day. Looking forward to posting pictures of our raised bed/compost thingy 🙂

    Yes. I think we need the seassons. I think they are soothing for the soul. Just as much as I love running out of the cabin naked screaming (metaphorically speaking offcourse 😉 I love to run inside during autumn, cuddle up, make it cosy, drink hot cocoa and get wiser, thinking, reading, being online and such. I need the CHANGE.



  3. Ole Bole says:

    Change is the only certainty in life !


    1. Angelica says:

      Personally the climate is the one thing about Sweden I truly hate with all my heart. I don’t need the change at all. The cold and dark of winter makes me tired and melancholic. If it was summer all year round I’d be happy all year round. I think we stay in the north out of habit, because this is where we were born, this our country, this is what we know and love. Not all of it but most of it. That’s how it is for me at least.


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