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I´m in the best of all possible worlds right now.

It´s a quiet afternoon. Sigurd is still sick, he fell asleep in my arms minutes ago. Right now he is resting in his room, bathing in sunrays. Jeppe too. Even the dog is napping away on the carpet. It´s friday so Silas got home early from school. He ate 3 sandwiches, danced around and then proclaimed himself official teenager.  He´s in his room now. He loves that room. After having spend a year in a tiny cabin with your piss poor family I suppose one grows fond of owning space, a space of ones own.

It´s cold outside but beautyful.  The sun is slowly setting. I´m gazing.

The sound of the firewood burning, quiet, quiet and the occasional sound from the woodpecker as well as the deep bas sound from the ice on the lake melting, it sounds like a UFO and I´m still from Venus or Mars or whatever but I´m setteling, I´m setteling in all of this quiet peace.

Today is international women’s day and I can´t help but think of the arabic spring, the women’s movements all over the world, the way they are rising, the women, claiming their own bodies, their own minds, freedom and rights.
And I can´t help but think of the women that came before me, here in my own little world. The viking warriors, the “redsocks” and the women still to this day and age… telling you to look closer. Look. Closer. See how female pop musicians are being presented as bodies? How many gray-haired male tv-presenters, politicians, bankers? And in your own life. Do you own your own body or has somebody been telling you, whispering in your ear since you were little, how your body is supposed to look?
Do you get equal pay? And you´re only interested in the private sphere of life right, you don´t care much about politics or economy. You´re a woman. You read lady magazines. All you think about is yourself.

Anyways. Today I got my self an apron from a second hand shop. I´ve been needing one since this householding business is completely messy. I also went ahead and bought to pairs of NEW stockings, shocking!
Afterwards I took a bath and as I looked at my body I noticed all the scars from the operation, I´m an old crow now- but I least I got a real nice apron to go with the look and it made me wonder.  About all of it.

I know that radical homemaking, mommyblogging and the general decaying into old stereotyped gender roles is wrong. Right?
We don´t approve. See, we need you to be productive and profitable, such is the contract with society you can´t just leave or refuse or do whatever you want. It´s not like you´re free or anything. You have obligations.
Yet something is happening. More and more women are speaking up, speaking their mind, more and more women are questioning the status qou by searching this holy grail: authenticity.
So they´re pretty stupid. Nobody in their right mind would do so. Especially not if you hold a degree.
Societal norms and standards are massively suppressing this yet irrepressible change in the way women are reclaiming their motherfucking right- to stand up for climate change or better food or social injustice. And they´re doing it in so many different ways.
Some are blogging about it. Others hit the streets. Some might even be ” media-sluts” (yup, you´ve guessed it. Many times. Because women in the media are only in it for the attention) and some might simply say “Nah, screw this, I´m focusing on homeschooling my children and canning my own beetroot”.
And so fucking what?
Is this not changing the world and fighting for women’s right. To do as you CHOOSE?

I´m thinking that refusing to shave your armpits is an act of revolution.
I´m thinking that it´s ok to be 38 and still not have a “personal style”, just diggin´the apron, man!
I´m thinking staying at home is an act of civil disobidience. I´m thinking that insisting on CHOICE is a rebellion in itself.

I´m thinking that you should speak up, whereever you can, using whatever potential you have. Speak about what matters to YOU.

Yes. You!
Never surrender!


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8 comments on “Woman!

  1. Alaverdi says:

    Overheard an International Women’s day talk on how women can now have it all: family AND professional life etc. And I did think to myself: I think what we should have is the choice. Some choose to be at-home mums. Some choose to work hard. Some choose family AND a carrier.

    To me the crucial thing is: That we have the choice. That we do not judge each other’s choices. That we stop the “mummy war” between at-home-mums and working mums.

    I work as a doula serving women of various cultures and I see very different ways of living a woman life. The main thing to me is that the woman has made a chose. (The privileged ones who have a choice – as opposed to the vast majority of the World’s women who have no choice to life). That she does not bow into social pressure of having kids if she does not feel like. That she does not have two kids just because this is the norm if she wishes to have more – or less.

    Not quite sure where I wat to go with this. Except that you stressing our CHOICE as the crucial thing really rung a bell in my mind. Thanks!

    May all women be on the road to living a fullfilling life in whatever form they choose.


    1. andreahejlskov says:

      Yes! 🙂


  2. Dorte Lykke says:

    Have you reached the 50.000?


  3. Every time I get a chance to read your blog I love it. Thank you for being you!


    1. andreahejlskov says:

      Every time you say that I needed to hear just that. Thank you 🙂


  4. Kamilla says:

    Thank you for your voice


    1. andreahejlskov says:

      Thank you for saying that 🙂


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