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I see great potential in the concept of crowdfunding. It´s the people supporting the people, it´s peer-to-peer economy, a direct link between the producer of art and the consumer of art.

It´s a democratic grant. No banks, funds or traditional systems of power involved. The problem is popularity though. If everything depends on ability to “sell” we havn´t changed the scope nor the method nor the values nor the content. I see a challenge in this.
Actually I see a big challenge in the overall question: How do we create new economies?

I don´t like to talk about money because I don´t like money and the way it´s changed us. I can´t ignore money though (believe me, I´ve tried) I can´t ignore that money is the glue in this reality of ours.
It all comes down to the money.

So how do we do it? How do we create new economies?

I like how the people of Spain invented their own currency, how the people of Argentina began to barter and trade, I like the way we are exploring economic alternatives like crowdfunding. Surely we will continue to fumble, these are times of trial and error- but I like that something is happening.

There´s this man that I like, Charles Eisenstein. He made this video about our “sacred economy”. He makes some valid points and presents some interesting thoughts but I´m still bafled.
What do we DO?

I´m a writer. I produce books. That´s how I make “my living” but as everyone knows writers are strugeling artists, it dosn´t PAY unless you reach international stardom.
Well. F* that. I don´t need stardom – I just need my family to get by so I hope you´ll support my work by supporting my crowdfunding project.

It´s just an attempt. It´s just me trying. Experimenting.

You don´t have to support me, we can still be friends,  but you should know that every penny matter out here. We have chosen to live a moneyless life, we exchange gifts, favors even actual THINGS out here but we can´t live completely without money. So. I either have to work outside the house- or push this project far beyond what I actually LIKE to do.
I think a lot of homesteaders have these challenges, I think this is also a problem we have to find some solutions to. How do we become comfortable selling?

Below you will find the link to my crowdfunding site.
If my project suceeds I get half a year to sit down and WRITE. If it does not I don´t get any of the money, not even the once that have been raised so far.
Talk about living on the edge!

This is me reading from the first chapter of the book – and a whole lot of pictures from our first year here in the forest.

I have contacts and possibilities in the publishing industry. What I need is TIME.
I hope you´ll visit and maybe the share the link wide and around.



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4 comments on “Crowdfunding

  1. Neil Old says:

    Crowd-funding isn’t “the answer”. It presents us with all the same ethic and moral issues that any other kind of funding will. However – it offers a way of choosing! Imagine countries stopping 3rd-world aid for instance,, and saying to the population: “you can fund whatever you like”! Try to imagine that. Would the aid increase og decrease? I think it would increase, and the outcome would be far more value-for-money than todays heavy, expensive, even sometimes even corrupt systems of aid. I honestly think crowdfunding will present us with a way to make a difference in a much more engaging way. People WANT to help!


  2. Tina says:

    oh no, linket virker ikke?


    1. andreahejlskov says:

      Aaaaargh!!!! Tak! Fixet!


  3. Søren Johannesen says:

    I think Crow-funding has a place in the world as a useful transition tool, to allow people with “no credit”, to get access to “free” money to launch their projects. However it does not remove the element of “goodwill” from the Haves to the Have-nots ……. The fact that the entire World was OWNED the day we all planted our feet on the ground – gives a rough idea of the task we all faced and still face, if we want reel freedom, In this system we have today, the road to true Freedom takes a long detour via Modern Slavery …… (saving money to buy land fx.)

    The Bask people in northern Spain have something really good going on and they have been at it for some time now, check this out:
    – and do look past the fact the it was made in the 1980’ies 🙂


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