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Breathe in the moon

I´ve been thinking.

First of all: Winter is good this way. Gives you time to think.


Second of all: I believe this to be true… these are times of emotions. And change.
Therefore we need stories. We don´t need politics or rhetorics, the bullshit radar is overworked, what we need are god honest personal stories. From each side of the pond. From above and from below. Stories that empower, stories that offers perspective, stories that inspires and stories that nurtures understanding.

So let me tell you a story:

Many years ago I knew a great storyteller.
He had a big heart and an old soul.
I  loved him.
We were both part of a bigger group of people, none of us had a lot in common except from one thing.
We liked the stories of our forefathers, we used to tell them to eachother under the big oaktree, around the fire, back in the Motherland.

The man in question once taught me to breathe in the moon.
I will never forget.

It was late one night in Copenhagen, it was before I met Jeppe, my children were being cared for by someone else. We were drunk. It was summer. We roamed the streets until we got the edge of the city, the brink of the water.
As I stood there with the bigcity brightlights behind me and the sea in front of me my heart began to beat to the sound of different drumbeat. All of a sudden I wasn´t drunk at all. I was bright awake.

My friend, the storyteller, began to whisper in another tongue, words that I did not recognize. He began to breathe differently, a kind of breathing I had never heard before.
He turned to the moon. I only stood some feet behind him but it looked as if he were much closer to the moon than me.
He spread out his arms. Then he became quiet.


He was quiet like that for a while.
Then he whispered “You have to breathe in the moon. It holds great power. You need this power. It will make you stronger”

There was no mystery to it: I had to breathe and when I finally did, I would close my eyes, spread out my arms, breathe in the moon and  feel.

Third of all: We´ve all been sick for a week now, down with the flu.
So I´ve spend my time online fighting trolls. I find these endeavors amusing even important. You gotta fight the trolls!!

I´ve noticed on the interwebs that we spend a lot of time speaking about other people, judging them, telling them what to do.
We speak about the system. We speak about the lazy bastards, the rich kids and the moochers “Take some responsibility!”
But the mess we´re in is not someone elses fault or someone elses responsibility to fix. We´re far beyond that now.

What if we walked the talk, what if we began with ourselves? What if we stopped blaming everybody else?

What if we became just as preoccupied with our own life as we are with OTHER PEOPLES LIVES?

I think one loses focus if one does not step outside. Often.
It is important to step outside.
To look at your house from the outside.
To begin with yourself.

Tonight is the last night of the full moon.

This would be a good time to step outside.

To breathe in the moon. To become stronger.


(ps the pictures are a bit shaky because I myself am feeling a bit shaky)

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5 comments on “Breathe in the moon

  1. Søren Johannesen says:

    Your words: “This would be a good time to look at yourself from the outside” … this is prob as close to the meaning of life as we will get for a while (maybe ever)

    When you see your self from the outside, there is not separation, there is no me and my self, only me. The human tragedy is the perceived separation from both our selves and nature.

    When ever I start to feel that separation creeping in on me and igniting that old flame (shame/self hate). I try to feel as one with all people and all beings around me – and in a flash – a big smile is on my face and I am filled with LOVE for every little organism.

    On a larger scale, we also need to see our Home from the outside, our planet our blue/green spaceship called Earth. This became a very long intro to a short Doc. I wanted to share …….. It is SO BEAUTIFUL – seeing Earth from the outside – a bit like breathing in the Moon

    The Astronauts Who Saw This Were Never the Same Again


  2. Søren Johannesen says:

    We are ALL made of star dust – (no shit, really its true) – and so is every Other thing on this planet and in the universe – We were all given life from the explosion of a dying star – what an generous gift to receive – what a beautiful thought


  3. Christina Ro says:

    Tak. Fordi du er dig.


  4. Michael Arnoldus says:

    Thank you for reminding me of the sacred beauty of this world. Much needed this morning! Love to you and yours!


  5. At connecte på mange planer… TAK for et smukt indlæg 🙂

    Jeg stod med et barn på terrassen i aftes og kiggede på månen. Og stjernerne. Det var pissekoldt, så vi måtte holde om hinanden. 🙂 Et andet barn listede ud i strømpefødder og frakke.
    Vi bor i en lille by, vi har tv og skærme og glemmer at verden er smuk udenfor. Udenfor skærmen, huset og de rodede tanker.

    Igen Tak… 🙂


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