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How leaving society made me care even more about it

I believe the system is corrupt. I believe that personal freedom is under siege.
My faith in society as we know it is gone, I believe most politicians to be liars and manipulators – my faith in political activism is gone.
I ONLY believe in action now.
I have strong conservative beliefs. I believe that family and home really matters and I find great sense and virtue in hard/manual labor.

Two years ago we left society and ran into the wild.
We desperately needed to walk the talk, we desperately needed to face the man in the mirror. We had to reclaim independence and self-reliance. We had to find the sense of togetherness/solidarity/community that we felt we had lost.
We wanted to make consious choices and to be proud people standing tall.

We left because we felt like this was imposible to do within society it self.
Society had become so suffocating and so unjust that we simply had to leave it. We would have died, otherwise.
I know this sounds radical to most people. “Arh, well, it´s not THAT bad”
But it was. And it is.

Little did I know that the further away I got from society – the more it began to matter to me.

Looking at society from the outside, changing perspective, oh holy mother!
I began to see clearly what I could not see before.
This is not to say that I am better than thou or knowst more, no!
It´s just that when you look at society from the perspective of the outsider- you see different things. It looks different.

Our metaphor was the settlers. We wanted to build up a new life and, more importantly, we wanted our kids to know that one is never a slave. Of doctrine. Of conformity. Of money.
We wanted to feel connected. To nature. To each other. We wanted to take good care of both.

See what I did there?
I made contrasting statements.
How can that be? How can one do that?

You know, we spend so much time categorizing each other that we don´t even question it anymore.
I am both a socialist hippie and a hardcore libertarian. I am conservative and I am very liberal. Deal with it!

I believe the problem of modern politics is that it has become a matter of ingroup-outgroup dynamics. It has become a matter of bashing the opponent- not working together to face the problems that we have (oh, we don´t have any problems, that´s right, I forgot, the climate crisis is a giant hoax, the doomsday industry too and tricle down economics works, sorry, my bad).
See. We can´t even agree on the basics. So we turn to affiliation. We agree on who we hate.

One does not simply exist- one must choose side.

And I won´t.

At first politic made me feel apathetic. I felt numb, back in the old days. I didn´t know what to do… but then we ran and it´s like all of this running kind of revitalized me, got my bloodcirculation up to beat.
I write books, I do interviews, I engage in every political debate I stumble across. I connect with my network. I call on old friends.
It´s not “activism”. It´s every day. Action.
It all seems so strange…. sitting here in my wonderful wooden cabin, down by the lake, pretty pretty picture, wont you please!
Sit still. Be happy.
But it´s not like that.
Not all.

It´s like all of my senses have been awakened. This is a clear experience to me.  Being close to nature, getting outside every day, living a simple life: it has only made me even more preoccupied with the way we treat it.
The world, that is.
And our human potential.

I know that stating such hippie emotions will disqualify me in any rational debate I might engage in. Rational people don´t talk like that. Rational people have not seen the light, they are not emotional (erhm!)
Well. I feel like I have seen the light. It was just the other day.

Slowly, so intensely quietly, big, puffy calm snowflakes fell from the sky.
Like angels.
In the sunset.
So shoot me.

The strange thing is that I see this change in a lot of off-gridders/homesteaders/preppers/survivalists.
They are very actively engaged in social criticism and constructive problem-solving on the every day basis of life.
These people are the most political people I have ever met!
Even the ones with the pretty recipes.
They speak of solidarity. They take responsibility. They walk the talk.

And you know why?
Because they realized that every day matter. Truth is in the action.

Be it the way you raise your kid or the food you eat.
It matters.

I don´t know how to end this post. It´s not like a have a point, I think.
I just wanted to share with you this strange observation… that the more you leave society- the more it actually matters to you.
And that this seems to be true for most “alternative” communities and folks that I have met.

Isn´t it funny how humans are basically concerned about the wellbeing of others?  How people generally want to take care of the tribe?
Even leaving it can be seen in this perspective. You protest so that I might change. You go find what´s missing.

For the kids.


Oh. Here´s a point!  This is for the danes: I´m doing this crowdfunding project. I´d really like to write a book about our experience.

I´ve realized that you can´t leave society. It´s in your head. All you can do is to contribute and to exspand it.
Every day.
I´d like to contribute and I´d like you to help me contribute. Please take a look and share it like crazy (if you please)


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6 comments on “How leaving society made me care even more about it

    1. Dorte Lykke says:

      Bare SÅ sejgt.
      One day I will contact you to show you my dream and ask for your help to ground it. So fare I will just share your points around, to make all the small seeds grow in to a strong and new plant everybody would like to grow themselves.
      Thank you for “walking your talk”


  1. Thomas Andsesen says:

    “I am both a socialist hippie and a hardcore libertarian. I am conservative and I am very liberal. Deal with it!”

    Well, sounds like an anarchist to me – which is a good thing 😉


  2. Alexus says:

    I feel that staying in society is exactly limiting you to contributing and expanding to the activities that have been continuously overexploiting our planet to, what will be, the point of total collapse. And even after a collapse, all humans ever want to do again… is to just “build that back up again, this time hoping to be on top”…. Being apart of society, has and always will, just mean being another 1billionth consumer born into the wildly populated cities only to breed and buy some more until exterminated, once again. Germs. Forget politics, its just another strategic distraction, along with the luxuries of everything else that you can’t help but be surrounded by when tapping into the main “home line”… I feel like you fall along the belief that when all else is seemingly doomed to fail, theres always hope to rely on. Too bad everything you are putting your energy is just that… doomed to fail. Too many different perceptions, no teamwork. How do you expect to make the dream work? People only come together for oh so long and when they don’t see their benefit nor do they hold the drive/passion for it… it just won’t work. Especially when its exactly the motivation/drive/passion where the newer generations have been desensitized. weird. Really, the problem being solved, at this rate, would be a miracle; alien harvest or gods return. Or even more realistically, the planet has its own way of balancing itself out, like a human body has white cells to kill bad bacteria. Leaving society would be the smartest move everyone could do. But not everyone can or will, and thats where natural destruction/disaster just kills what is needed. survival of the fittest (most adaptable)? Who knows. But everyone in the back of their minds has a small sense of need to leave. I wonder why. 2030-2050. Hilary president. All large cities will definitely be a major focus. If the government has a “camp” that looks like a concentration camp to provide food and safety from flesh eating diseases and cannibals when the food shipments stop coming in and we “run out” of oil… don’t say i didn’t warn you.
    If you were on top. What would you do if you found out there were things greater than you and your path of good intentions accidentally led you to hell. What then?

    I feel your pain about dying in society. The slowest death.


  3. sidas says:

    I love you


  4. Andre Barnes says:

    Thanks for your refreshingly positive insight.I’ve found great value from your words as I’m similarly minded.I can only offer you in return the knowledge that you’ve contributed immensely to my current endeavor.Again,thank you.


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