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Him walking

He likes to walk on the karlhöge.
Karlhöge are large areas of deforestated areas in the woods. Big machines drive through the landscape and cut down everything. Everything. For profit.

Then times passes and the karlhöge, dead, robbed… begin to breathe again.
I think he likes this. The life and death thing. The resilience of nature.

He´s such a sensitive boy.

Today he brought the camera with him, walking.
These are his pictures.

Machines leaves tracks too.


Bright day. Pencilsharp borders. Small shadow.



In old norse mythology they speak about the “ud-gården” . That which is not the known world,  that which is not the “ind-gården”, the home, the sacred safe place.
Udgården is that which is outside.
Udgården is where the trolls and the giants reside. Chaos. The unknown. The uncontrollable. The untamed. Death.

I like to think of the Karlhöge as Ud-gården. I like to reflect our ancestors stories in our everyday life.
We often walk there.
We are not afraid.
It´s very important not to be afraid if you´re a viking.

It´s hard to walk in Ud-gården.
It´s tricky.
Lots of hidden holes, small wells and creeks, raspberry with thorns.  Easier in the winter though. It has it´s own beauty. Contrasts of significance. Places in between.

Snow. And not snow.


Water. And not water.



Then he said:

“It´s like the dead trees are supporting the sky”



He still wont let me cut his hair.
I think he looks like a viking. Such a sensitive boy. So fiece.



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