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Morning. Coffee. Thaw. Damp, dark world. Soft light in the house. Sigurd caressing my hand as I write this.
I write down a thought.
It´s just a thought. A silhouette in my mind. A Wednesday contribution.
It´s not a defense. It´s not a critique.

Some may think that our choice, living like this, stems from a naive romantizied misunderstanding of the past. Some may watch tv- shows about families returning “back to the roots” appreciating old tools, crafts and ways of doing things.

Some may believe it to be stupid.
Some may believe us to be stupid.
Just another kind of consumers. Flavor of the month.

In Sweden they talk about “the second green wave”. The first wave being the hippies. Us, the modern hippies are nothing like the old hippies though. We tend to lean towards traditionalism, we tend to define ourselves from the outside (the actual life we lead as defining for whom we are) whereas the hippies might have tried to define and free themselves from the inside out.

I think this difference is important if you want to understand what´s going on right now.

A LOT of people are actually hitting home in the countryside right now, you just don´t see them or hear them in the mass- media.
These are the permacultural people, the climate activist, the neo tribalists, the new agers, the small-scale farmers. Occupying the farm. All together. Different as they are.
This is a movement.
This is a zeitgeist.

Some may say we are narcissists. Some may say we are conservative.
Most of what they say is probably true but really…. what does it matter?
Is it not actions that matter?

And this, maybe is a second characteristic of the second green wave. I think.
Actions. More than words.
Ideology without practically seems to have become  somewhat irelevant.

I´m so tired of this bashing one another. I´m exhausted and drained.
The Motherland has changed, fundamentally, since my childhood and I have a hard time coming to terms with these New Standards.

The second green wave is either being praised to death or beaten to death.
Words, words, words. What lies underneath the words?
Come on! Are we not supposed to analyse what lies underneath the words? Actions!
Have we not come to a point in history where only actions matter?

My problem with the critics of authenticity and thereby the critics of this second green wave (we are the happy shiny people, we are passionate and therefore not to be trusted, disqualified), well my problem is this: some things ARE better than others.
Some actions hold moral superiority to others.
It IS better to buy local, save energy, go green, strife towards self-relliance.

Not because of YOU, not because of what this action does to you and your self-esteem but because of what it does to OTHERS.

I truly believe that our choice and our lifestyle springs from much more than personal frustration. Although the personal frustration was the driving force, without it we wouldn´t have lifted a finger,no doubt about it,  this life we lead… is a life of solidarity.

I truly see solidarity and intense longing for community in the culture of authenticity. It is outwards bound.
I see it in the people who come to our house, I see it when I wander about on the internet. I see it everyday in my life.
This quest for autonomy has inevitably been a realization of the interdependency of things.

And I really wish that this would be understood more than it is.
It is a selfish wish. It has nothing to do with my life, really, or my actions. I just wish the depths of the second green wave was communicated just as much as the bubbly foam.

Over and out.

This is a black book that we found hidden in the cabin before we tore it down (and rebuildt it). This is someone keeping track of time, prices and work.
The book is really a historic document- but it also, to me, represents a value that I want BACK. Something I believe us to have lost.
The understanding of the interrelations between work and money, the interrelations between groceries and goods, the interrelation between self and representation of self (someone was practising their signature), the correlation between words- and action.





3 comments on “The second green wave

  1. Pieter says:

    Great post !
    I’ll let this thought resonate in my head for a few days : very powerful!
    “Some actions hold moral superiority to others.
    It IS better to buy local, save energy, go green, strife towards self-relliance.
    Not because of YOU, not because of what this action does to you and your self-esteem but because of what it does to OTHERS.”


  2. Angelica says:

    One thing I hate about the current zeitgeist is the cynism thrown at everyone who does something good. Caring about the environment, not eating meat, being a feminist, not being a racist, it’s called being politically correct. And being “politically correct” is a bad thing they say (the people who are too lazy, too ignorant or too selfish to care about anything but themselves) because people are only “politically correct” because they are being lead, only follow and don’t think for themselves. Such cynism! Such a way to look upon those who tries to do good simply because they truly believe it’s the right thing to do. That’s one of the saddest things about the time we live in I think, that doing good is being spat at.


    1. andreahejlskov says:

      You´re absolutely right!


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