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I´m not going to lie to you.
Sometimes living like this is extremely uncomfortable. Like today. It´s extremely uncomfortable today.

See, a couple of weeks a year it gets really cold in this region. Between minus 20 and minus 30. And even colder.
Up til minus 20 it´s ok. It´s chilly. The cold keeps you on your toes but as soon as it gets colder than  minus 20 something happens. The snow turns into hard crystals, it sound like walking on broken glass…. really.  The wildlife disappears. The cold reaches the core of your bones.
We´re not quite there yet. But it´s getting close.


I believe that we are much more products of nature than we realize.
I believe the weather, the wind and trees has shaped our human condition, our culture.
Take for instance these cold Scandinavians. You know. Intense inner melancholy/stiff upper lip.
There´s a reason behind that behaviour, I think. We just don´t realize because we have seperated ourselves so much from that underlying reasson. Living in the cities.
The very basic, the starting point: the world around us.
That´s what I believe anyways.

The way we´re wrapped up around ourselves, the way we are seldom instantly open… I think it´s because of the cold.

When it gets cold like this you don´t go outside. You just don´t.
If we have to buy groceries one of us has to stay at home to feed the fire. And during the night Jeppe sleeps in front of the fireplace. We call it “fire watch”.
He has to keep on feeding logs to the fire, all through the night.
We don´t visit anyone. We don´t get any visits. We don´t go outside.
It´s all about the family life.
(playing indoor football with the little brother)

A couple of weeks a year we do this. We lock down.
We watch movies, we talk, we hang out. In the old days, I suppose, they would do embroiders or something…but we have the internet.

The only reason we get outside is to fetch water and firewood and to feed the animals

(by the way: when you buy fruits/vegetable that come in net, save the net. Whenever you have some leftover frying fat mix it with breadcrumbs, left over oatmeal and what ever nuts and seeds you can spare. Works wonders)


You could call this cold uncomfortable, you definitely could.
Like when you have to go outside to pee. Or when you wake up in the morning and you don´t want to leave your cosy, warm bed. Ever. Not in a million years.
Sure, that´s uncomfortable.

I´m not going to lie.
Not even about how much I miss a hot shower right now.
Once a week (I´m not going to lie to you… a couple of times a month) we drive to town to get a real shower. A hot shower.
Otherwise you have to send everybody upstairs, stand in front of the fireplace and wash yourself, trucker style. And then you spin around in front of the fireplace, naked and I most admit, though, that THAT moment is rather nice.
But right now I wouldn’t take off my clothes. Not in a million years. My clothes are my fur. This cardigan is never coming off


I cosleep with the little one. Unconsciously I hold him so tight, to keep him warm.
I dress him in wool and I feed him fat… protecting him from the cold is a primary goal of my life.
My attention. My focus… it changes. In the cold.
These weeks every year, they change us, the impact is undeniable.
We turn inwards. Open arms – outwards- becomes a practical impossibility.

what he sleeps in

Anyways, I just wanted to share the thought. To what extend, really, does nature shape us. Our experiences. Our relations. Our personalities. Our culture.

I´m not going to lie to you. The cold is uncomfortable. Although our house is really well insulated (he made sure of that, the husband, and every day he´s chasing loopholes, filling them with rockwool)… although we´re really fine here… these weeks of temperatures below minus 20 can be a challenge.
Cabin fever and all.
It´s the prize we pay. Everybody pays a prize for the life they have. Right?

Temperatures are falling. We´re getting close to the threshold.
Notice how the pictures look all cosy and happy though?
That´s because I won´t lie to you. There´s two sides to every story. Just as there is to yours.

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6 comments on “Impending lockdown

  1. Ole Bole says:

    No need to be ashamed, since only the very few hardcore people have the skills to live without hot showers, cars and internet. Fortunately, spring is just around the corner and the big heater will warm the nordic latitudes once again 🙂


  2. Ellinor says:

    Hhahha I soo recognize myself in this story. I moved from an aparment in Malmoe 3 years ago to a little torp without running water and such. Deep in the forests of småland. 2 very cold winters I lived there. It was tough and it was lovely. in the end though I couldnt take it, not being able to wash my clothes easily and take a hot shower when I needed to. This life is much easier in a warmer country, but still I long back somtimes. Anyhoo can’t really explain it just wanted to say that I really know this feeling of freezing your ass of peeing outside but still feeling thats its all worth it 🙂 Thanks for sharing about ur life I will follow you for sure.


  3. Søren Johannesen says:

    Maybe the trick is not to attach too much value (either good nor bad) to any of our experiences in this life …….. (except for below 20 conditions, fuck that shit, thats just too cold. Peeing outside is like removing yellow icicles from a low hanging roof 🙂

    I can recommend checking out this talk between to very intelligent scientists, talking about genes, physics, environment and consciousness :


  4. Tres Jolie says:

    Here I am sitting in our version of lock down which is not in ANY way close to your version. (It’s only 40 degrees F outside. It’s quite cozy.) It’s just that it’s so crazy different from 2 months ago when it was 101 degrees F outside and that was summer lock down. Too hot to go outside! So I’m entertaining myself with a Andrea blog read or two just before bed. OK here’s what I think: Nature shapes EVERYthing we do but not like it used to do when we lived in it so close. Now we humans, by technology, have insulated ourselves against it and we’re losing touch. But years ago and not so very long ago it shaped everything we did, relations, personalities, culture. Example: I saw something on PBS once that talked about how geography was destiny. Perhaps you have heard of this? That is to say, cultures that evolved in temperate climates became more technologically advanced than cultures in inhospitable climates because in temperate climates agriculture was easier, therefore innovation was easier and that whole domino effect. That was why Western European Civilization came to dominate the world. Just because we accidentally came to live in a hospitable place that allowed us to grow food, have livestock and even become stronger by being exposed to animal originated diseases. That thesis would say that geography and climate, that is to say nature, was everything that made us one way or the other. So think on that for a while. Maybe it has implications to the historical unrest in the Middle East – that crazy desert climate. Who knows? OK over and out for the night. We’re going to sleep and you guys are just waking up.


    1. Yup, just woke up, holy cup of mining coffee! That thesis rings totally true to me. I´ve noticed differences just from moving from Denmark (located a bit more south, better soil, farming country) to Sweden where we live now (mountains, rocks, endless forest). It changes our whole way of being. Things are harder to get now (over the mountains, cultivating between the rocks) and nature is much more wild here…. so we become more wild and the things we have we appreciate more. I deeply believe landscapes shapes our beings. I even believe the landscapes have a soul.


  5. Tres Jolie says:

    I do, too. I believe everything breathes and has a life of it’s own and that we are all intertwined and part of each other. The two legged’s, four legged’s and one legged (Plants). Everything. I skim along the surface of this knowing like a flat rock thrown and skipping over the surface of deep water.


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