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This very strange thing happened. We appeared on the frontpage of some newspaper and on that day this blog got 7000 new views and people began to speculate, like crazy, in the commentaries (of that very article).
We got a lot of emails, a lot of likes, a lot of followers and sure, yes, that was pleasing. As always though, I chose to focus on the  negative, goes without saying, you know my struggle.

Seems that our lifechoice is very provocative to some.

No matter how much I say “I´d like to talk about what constitutes a better life” my words are being heard like
a) a critique of other people’s life and lifechoices
b) a romanized, naive, new age spoiled self absorbed and uninformed kneefall for the (likewise naive and self-absorbed) concept of authenticity.

As if we can´t even agree that there something wrong. That society dosn´t work anymore. That a lot of people are unhappy and broke and have to find new ways of doing things.
(btw: I´m selfabsorded)

Luckily it was Silas´s 13 birthday yesterday. The twins came home to spend the day with him. I was momentarily completely content and utterly satisfied. Oh man.

So we just ate the cake and drank the cocoa. The twins decided to stay overnight, when they wake up we´re going skating on the lake.
Also: the sun is shining.

So here´s a constructive and non- laden answer to one of the reoccurring questions about the practicality of our life:

We finance this lifestyle with the “childmoney”( a Scandinavian welfare concept where each and every family is given a monthly amount of money to take good care of their children) and whatever freelance I can get. We finance this lifestyle by donations and friends and family who support us. Due to me being sick after the operation we also finance this lifestyle by a “sygemelding” (again, a welfare concept: if you´re sick and can´t work the state helps you out for a little while).

We finance this lifestyle by trading and by neighbours helping each other out. We finance this lifestyle by frugality and having cut down each and every one of our expenses.

We live on this land for free. Our cabin costs nothing, we built it ourselves. We have no water, drainage, electrical power or dustman. We heat our house and our water with firewood, we cut down the trees ourselves. We produce our dinners on a wood stove. We produce our electricity with the help of a solar panel.
Our biggest expenses have been buying the 12 w batteries that we have- and this internet connection.
A kind soul gave us a generator, buying gasoline in these months of low sun is a huge cost on our budget.
We buy everything second hand.  We eat better than we ever have though. I guess we pay more attention to the food now.

We are the poor.
We have embraced being poor. Sometimes it sucks, yes.

You don´t have a lot of money to do what we did.
I know people who live in the woods that have no income at all. They dumbsterdive and grow everything themselves.
If you run far enough into the wild you will find lots of empty cabins. you can live in these for free or pay a low monthly rent.

The world is open. Possibilities exists.
I´m going skating now.

Here´s a pictures of the love and light of my life.
And a picture of the reasson why:


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6 comments on “Economy

  1. Michael says:

    Hearing your story
    Makes me want to do the same
    Basking in the glory
    And avoiding the shame

    I’d rather criticise you
    Explain why you’re wrong
    And talk rather than do
    Killing my own beautiful song

    Be self-absorbed and spoiled
    Live a life that’s true
    Leave the angry ones soiled
    lonely, depressed and blue

    At the end of the world
    with no words left to say
    Those without fear
    Knows that real life is play


  2. Ole Bole says:

    Andrea, you don’t have to apologize and explain anything about your lifestyle and financial position to the stupid crowd of nay sayers ! Life is too short to stuff like that 🙂


  3. Jakob Garde says:

    Well I’m just happy I found you through that newspaper (actually, Nadia mentioned you also…). I don’t feel that I belong in Denish society and in out system any more. They have little use of my outlook, and its very much up hill. Today I am part of this silly occupy movement – DK branch. Last night one of our members debated for 2 mins on Clement’s show, and it wasn’t pretty. It just becomes more and more clear to me that people are in a completely different place, and that there is a huuuge communication gap.

    One way to communicate is by action, by showing up in TV and saying outrageous stuff that’s out of the normal discourse, Or even better, moving to the sweedish woods and saying no to the endless degrading meaningless consumption that turns our world into plastic bags, and writing about it. Thank god for your sanity-inducing writings here. You didn’t have to do it. You didn’t have to make a statement. Maybe you just wanted to. Thanks:)


  4. Ole Bole says:

    Apropos economy….Too big to jail !


  5. The link to the newspaper article doesn’t work (it’s missing : between http and //)


    1. andreahejlskov says:

      Argh! Links! It´s fixed now. Thanks for telling me. Always tell me.


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