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(I wrote about pine needle tea last year but accidentally deleted it. So here we go again)

So rich in vitamin, so full of good, so healthy and just what you need. In the winter.
It never ceases to amaze how nature outsmart us all.
All we need is all around us. Really.

You can´t buy the wealth of pine in a store though. To me pine is experience. Hunting and gathering, walking outside, picking it with my own hand.


See, the pine needles are much more nutritious and contain much more vitamin  in the springtime, when the juice rises and the tree is revitalized. It would be grand to pick your needles at that time, chop them, dry them and store them for winter (you can use the needles as tea, in bread, as a herb or as aromatherapy)

But maybe you did´t get around to do that.

So do it now. Now that you need it.

Pine contains high levels of vitamin A and C (much more than found in lemons) and vitamin K (helps your body create protein).
Pine clears the airways, strengthens the immune system and is generally antibacterial (here in Sweden a very popular soap is made entirely from pine oil).

What you need

You need the pine.
Pick a handful. Always thank the tree. See, you are given a gift.
(be a  hippie like that)

What you do

You can use pine needles in a lot of ways.

You can place pine needles on your stove (or radiator). It cleans the air in your house, it smells good and it helps your body to relax.

If you have a cold:  place the needles in a bowl, pour boiling water over. Place a towel above your head and bow your head so that you get to breathe in all of the steam.

OR. You can make tea.

(I would take pictures of how you make the tea but I had a revelation last night and I need to slow down, turn down the volume, take it easy, lay down and chillax. I need to hibernate)

Chop the needles. Boil with water for 15 minutes.
Add lots of honey.


Here´s some pictures of pine. Because you need that.





3 comments on “Pine needle tea

  1. Tim Vidra says:

    A beautiful post indeed! Thanks so much for sharing.


  2. Alison says:

    Please be careful not to use pine needle tea when pregnant. I’m not sure if the effect is the same between species but when our family’s cattle eat pine needles they abort their calves. Just not worth the risk.


    1. andreahejlskov says:

      Yes. One should also show moderation when eating and drinking. Thanks for the reminder 🙂


  3. grish pant says:

    hi first of all thanks for this information i am from india and working on pine needle project for two year,can you tell me what is other uses of pine needle in your country, and is any pine needle based gasifier are placed in your country because here abundances of this tree and want create some livelihood in rural area.


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