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Not only are we living on the cheap, we´re also trying to reduce the insanity in the world.
As if we could make amends.

One of the greatest insanities of our age is the food waste. Food is flowing on the streets. We´re flooded.

I heard of a lady that never throws anything away. If the food has gotten rotten she kisses it. As if it is her fault. As if she is asking for forgiveness.
To not appreciate what one is given. To not use the potential to the max.
If there is such a thing as sin this would be it. To waste life.

I make crisps out of vegetables that have become too old for other use. I make crisps out of the ends of the vegetables. I use every little scrap and bit to make these crisps. Then I store them in a cake tin and serve with dip.

Works great. Ridiculously easy once you get into the routine.

What you need

Whatever vegetables you have
Olive oil

What you do

whatever you have

Today I had a bit of celiac and a tiny piece of paprika. Use whatever you have.

slice it thin

Slice it real thin.

mix in a bowl with olive oil, salt, pepper, thyme

Mix the sliced vegetables with plenty of olive oil, sea salt, pepper and thyme (if you like)
The quality of the salt is important.

bake them and turn them around

Place the sliced vegetables evenly on a baking tray (yeah, it´s not the cleanest tray in the world. Read this)
When the vegetables turn brown on the edges carefully turn them around and bake for a little while longer.

serve now or eat later

I make these all the time/continuously. I store them in a cake tin jar (or eat them right away). Serve as a side dish or snack.


Enjoy. Tip of the day.

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