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This is who we are:

This is me. Andrea Hejlskov is my name and I´m a published danish author having written both childrens books, cell phone poetry and a book about facebook. I also used to work as a child psychologer and a counsellor. I do public speakings about our radical lifechoice and I sometimes write for magazines and newspapers.

I am the mother of four children, a wife and a homesteader. I spend a lot of time doing the dishes this dosn´t mean, however, that I don´t care about feminism, the world or progress in general.

I write about our pioneer life because it to this date still fascinates me. So tough we grow.
I´m remembering. I´m documenting.

This is Jeppe.
He used to be a professional rock ´n roller, a musician, an organ player. But then he met me and suddenly he had a million children and life became very serious business.

One day he said “Babe, we gotta do this right” and then we moved into the wild woods of Värmland and he began to teach himself how to build a house… and then he taught the kids.
Fun facts about Jeppe: He´s grumpy. He´s funny. He´s intelligent. He passionately loves food. He dosn´t drink.  He still talks about Montrux jazz festival and about playing at the central square of Copenhagen – but he´s decided to not have a career anymore.
Once he studied Chi Gong in China. Once he worked at an art gallery.

Oh, and he thinks the world, as we know it, is about to end.

This is Sebastian.

When we came to the forest Sebastian was a boy. He´s a young man now. His transformation has been immense.

Sebastian says that coming here was the best thing we ever did as a family. He says it does something to a young man having buildt houses and stuff. He says it builds character and self-confidence.

Sebastian is a joker. A hard worker. The family negotiator- but he still cheats in card games!

Sebastian wants to study social science and travel the world.
He now lives at a “folkhögskola” educating himself, getting his degrees. We only see him in the weekends (of there´s no party at the school)

This is Victoria

My only girl is very girly. She paints her nails and tries on two sets of clothes everyday- at the same time she´s the kind of girl who goes for long walks in the forest, sometimes she stays out, overnight.

Victoria loves wolves. She makes her own jewelry. She constantly listens to music (as in all-the-time!). She loves qoutes.
Sometimes she wants to live in a big city. Sometimes she wants to be a gypsy. Sometimes she wants to become a designer. Sometimes she wants to study herbal medicine. Sometimes she screams and shouts, sometimes she whispers. She wont have her picture taken.

Sebastian and Victoria are twins and they both attend the same school.

This is Silas

He loves to fish, he loves MineCraft, he loves pizza. He loves to bake bread and pastry. Silas is a brave child. And a sensitive child.


Silas is an experienced builder of forts, fisherman and bow-and-arrowhunter- but he really likes to stay in his room, hang out, do nothing. He says it´s because he´s become a teenager now.

He won´t let me cut his hair.

This is Sigurd

Jeppe and I are childhood compadres who lost contact. When we met each other again we went to his old place, the place he grew up.
There´s a sacred spot there. A place where Jeppe always used to run to be alone. He called this place “Paradise”.

Sigurd is conceived in Paradise. That´s really all there is to say.

Sigurd loves layered cake, birthdays, balloons, bananas, fish, sunset and stories. He cuddles.

This is us

We live in the forest of northern Sweden but are originally Danish. To the bone.

We´re hermits, really, but we always end up having a lot of guests in our home. It´s a paradox.

5 comments on “Who we are

  1. Anders Hansen says:

    Kan i bruge en extra mand i wildmarken..? Jeg vil sgu også gerne væk fra systemet..og det mener jeg helt seriøst..


  2. Dorie says:

    What a beautiful family you have created together. I just stumbled upon your blog and am looking forward to reading more. I like your life.


  3. Peter Kristian Mose says:

    We should all live such integrated lives! Best wishes from the heart of Toronto. In Ontario. In Canada.


  4. defencly says:

    I’m more than happy to find this web site. I want to to
    thank you for ones time for this particularly wonderful
    read!! I definitely liked every little bit of it and I have you book-marked
    to look at new information in your site.


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