2 thoughts on “spring and trees”

  1. Your story rings deep in my system. “Og Den Store Flugt” was forwarded to me 1 1\2 years ago by my nice Charlotte Weitze.

    After 14 years in Africa we settled on a run-down farm, fields and woods, in Western Pennsylvania. If Africans could get by with bare and modest necessities, we could, and we wanted to demonstrate to our three children what was/should be the true, basic cores of life. My husband, John called it “given them a chance to developed an identity.”

    I admire your determination and the way you brought your children into the planning process and get them on board with your life-philosophy. I would like to read about your children’s subsequent progress, if there is any writing by you which eluminates this subject.

    My age is 70 and my children are scattered throughout U.S. Two of them have a profound sense of essentials whereas the third, the girl and the oldest, has gone rebellious and endulge, consumes in the “fast lane.” Maybe the latter is the way some people can find their identity – I still don’t know the answer.
    Merete Wagner


    1. What a wonderful comment, Merete- thank you for sharing your story 🙂
      I continue to write of our life and the kids too here on the blog. A quick follow up: The twins are now close to 20, Victoria has become a sailor, she restores old sailboats and explores the world. She was not thriving in gymnasium and took the consequence of this (and educated herself as a sailor) something I think she did- in part- because she had seen that acting upon misery IS POSSIBLE. Sebastian, clever one, is in Copenhagen studying. He wants to live one winter on svensäter, our old place, the place described in the book, because noone have had the strength and stamina to do so (many other tried after us). He misses the forest and often visits. Silas is living with his father now which is his choice and something I respect. He has been missing his father a lot and I am happy for him that he has refound the relationship with his father. Sigurd is still living the forest life, 4 years old now and terribly wild! 😉
      Your life in Pensylvania sounds deeply inspiring. I have often dreamt about going to america myself… but there seems to be a lot of reasson not to right now. All the best, andrea



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