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Our Au Pair Pernille has a thing for Italy. She speaks the language, she works with italians, she´s been there, she knows the history of italy and once she even had an italian mother in law.
´Nuff said.

Pernille decided that it was time for Silas to learn how to make his own pasta so without further ado they made some homemade wild simple rustic authentic tortellini. And it was GOOOOOD! (and did you know that it´s really easy to make your own pasta? and that you don´t need all kinds of fancy equipment? and that the simple country kitchen of Italy is characterized by simplicity and few ingredients? Well. Now you know)

This is what you need

Durum flour
Olive oil

Salt and Pepper

Fresh sage

This is what you do

Use one egg pr. person.
Pour olive oil in a circle around each elk yolk
Add a bit of salt
Stir it.
Like this:

Add durum wheat and work it well into the mixture with you hands.

Continue to knead the dough until it looks like this:

Let the dough rest for 20 minutes. Or an hour. Depending.
Meanwhile: mix fresh spinach, cheese, salt, pepper and a bit of sage

Roll the dough, a little at a time.

Add the spinach. We made rather larger tortellinis because we were hungry (you can make smaller ones if you prefer)

Use a fork to seal the edges. Dip the fork in water as you go and be careful to seal them well.

When the water is BOILING- BOIL the tortellinis. Add all of them at once so they get equally boiled.

Then there´s the joy of cooking with fire…

Boil the tortellinis for 2- 5 minutes depending on their size.
Place them on a plate. Melt some butter on a pan, add some fresh sage to the butter. When butter is melted- pour over the tortellinis.


One comment on “Wild food Tortellini

  1. Sådan. Ægte italienske tortelinni. Jeg har også ” a thing for Italy”. Jeg har arbejdet i en restaurant i en lille by 50 km. fra Firenze. Der lærte jeg bl.a. også at lave tortelinni. Og nu ska I få et tip til når pengene er små og spinaten er brugt op. Brug brændenælde i stedet for spinaten . Det smager helt fantastisk. Tag handsker på når du plukker dem og tager bladene af stænglerne.
    Jeg besøger stadig min “læremester” her 20 år efter jeg arbejdede der sidste gang og tjek lige de her billeder af mine sidste nye Skills

    Jeg håber du er i bedring og at du husker at nyde dine au pairs max. og lader dem passe dig op så du får ladet batterierne helt op igen.

    Hilsen Lene


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