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The northern goddess Freya has a sacred necklace. It´s called the Brisingamen. I always used to imagine Brisingamen as the sun marked horizon.

It´s getting really cold. This morning the world was hazy and moist and fairytale like.
Steam. As an animal breathing.

The lower roof is all set. We have windows in our home. We still live in trailers – but not for long. Things are happening really fast. We´re running really fast. Like squirrels.

A hectic atmosphere in the camp. Lots of people.

My mother in law came. Our first au pair Christina. My mother and my sister. Jeppes friend Poul and Capitan…  they all helped, oh my, how they helped us out and I could write a bit about that…. needing help, getting help, a little help from my friends… I could write about that but it´s kind of hard and the world just spins and spins and spins around, way too fast and I can´t follow.
They left today, the last of them. They drove off in the little red car, heading for Denmark. My husband too. He´s bringing back more help. And a wooden stove.
Pernille (our second au pair) also just left. She´s sleeping in the neighbours guesthouse. It´s just me and the boys now.
I´m not afraid of the wolves.
I miss my husband.

This is not the parallel world, this is not a fantasy. It took me more than a year to realize and today it just dawned on me.
This is the real world.
No pictures, no words can tell… the sunset.

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  1. I’m so glad some help came to your family, strange that slowing down do cost so much time isn’t it.
    And than suddenly you can be in aw and nothing else seems important anymore..


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