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I  named her “Victoria” because it means victory.
She almost died in labor. She used to be obsessed with wolves. She does not like to pose for pictures.
Stubborn and proud. Insecure and introvert. A twin. A taurus.
She only visit me in the weekends now. Her new life is very exiting. She meets a lot of new people. She learns a lot of new things.
I´m not quite comfortable with the fact that she only visits me in the weekends.
When she visits, she goes for long walks. She spends hours and hours in nature. She senses things. She absorbs.
She needs it.

I can´t walk. I get all dizzy because of them damn crystals.
So she took some pictures for me.

Here they are.

I´m certain that it does her good. All of that walking.

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