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We need a wwoofer. We need an Au Pair. We need a wandering soul or a refugee. We need someone to come and help us.
I´m undergoing surgery which means that I´m kind of game-over on the physical level. Jeppe must: build a house, tend to the garden, the kids, cook, clean, wash, dish and everything. Everything is kind of a lot.

We live a very exposed lifestyle, off grid and (kind of) selfsufficient in the midst of nature. It makes us vulnerable to unforseen situations and dependent on other people (now there´s an interesting notion: the more independent you get- the more dependent. Get it?)
It´s a nice lifestyle though. It´s wild and free and very beautyful. Feels very alive.

This is our new house. When we layed the top log six eagles flew above our heads. True story. Crazy!

We are: Me. Jeppe. Silas (12) and Sigurd (2).
The twins have left for college, rocking it with all sorts of modern luxury. Like hot baths.

Our number one priority is getting the house ready (allthough there continue to be lots of forest gardening/permaculture/bush crafts projects to engage in. Should someone feel such a desire)

This is the living space. Berries drying on the oven. We build the oven from scrap metal and stones. Makes quality pizzas!

Jeppe needs to work on the house. We need someone else to do the householding now that I cant. So this is the deal.


You get a tipi OR a real house to live in while here (=our neighbourghs guesthouse, a 15 minutes walk from here)
200 swedish kronor a week
At least 3 meals a day plus cake
Acces to our car at all times
An unique opportunity to try something new and different
Basic training in permaculture and timbering (if you want it)
Free time and space under the wide open sky
You get fit and will probably loose weight too.


A kind soul to:

Do the dishes (= fetch water in a well, warm it up over open fire)

Clean the living space area (= pick things up from the ground, clear the tables, place things in piles)

Wash our clothes (= drive to the nearest town once a week and wash them in a machine)

Look after Sigurd 4 hours 2 days a week  (= take splendid walks in the forest with him, run around and read him stories, watch him while you do the dishes and such)

Make lunch (=  porrige)

Chop wood (= excellent physical training)

Should you be eager to do more you will be instructed in how to build a sauna/make a hugelkultur raised bed/forage ect)


You can come and help us for a couple of days. You can take leave and stay here for a month. All help is wanted and appreciated!

We live on a southfaced slope facing the beautyfull lake Algsjön in northern Sweden (nearest town: Lysvik)

We currently live in two trailers with an outdoor living space/kitchen. We expect the house to be done within a month.
Every morning Jeppe gets up, makes cofee and sends Silas off to the schoolbus. Sigurd has just begun kindergarden (3 days a week).
We´d expect you to be ready around 10 each day.

We settled on this spot a couple of months ago but have been in the forest for more than a year now. We are experienced forest dwellers and we know interesting people and places.

We´re an outspoken family. We laugh a lot. We yell a lot.
It is fall now and can be quite cold in the morning. On a more positive note you will quickly learn to get a fire going. Like a boss.
Here´s some more information about who we are.

Please contact me at: if you´re interested or want more information or another kind of deal. Or more pictures. Or anything.

We hope to hear from you!

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3 comments on “Help wanted!

  1. Hvornår har I brug for hjælpen?


  2. Emilia Brumpton says:

    Hello, how long will you be looking for help until? I am Wwoofing in the UK right now but would love this oppurtunity, but have plans a little while! Please get in contact as it sounds perfect for me!


    1. We can always use some help. Lots and lots to do- always- in the wild. Write to me at when you´re ready to head this way 🙂


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