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(written by Andrea)

Oh boy, thinks are happening fast now!

1. The forest gave us two caravans (thanks to Ola and thanks to Birk!)

This means that we can finally leave this temporary house (thanks to our dearest, most wonderful, spectacular, one-of-a-kind neighbours Karl- Erik and Gunvor who have let us stay in their guesthouse!!!) and go live where we want to live.
Our spot in the universe.

We will be living like the pioneers (or gypsies) that we truly are: caravans rolled ´round in a circle, fireplace in the middle.
While we build our house.

We´re moving next week. With all of our straight lines, all of our curvy lines, our white trash and our golden moments. All of it.

straight lines

Straight lines

Curved lines

2. The land-lady asked if we wanted a forest monster to come clear the ground for us. We did.
Lénsætter was once a small-scale farm. No roads led there but a small path in the forest.

People tended to the soil through centuries. Animals. Crops. When the woman died some 50 years ago the place decayed and the forest slowly began to absorb what was once itself.

First time we saw the place it was covered in rowanberry trees (to me a very good sign given that rowanberries are said to be the tree of Thor)
Lénsætter was inaccessible though. Dark spruces and moss where there was once open fields and flowers.

It was an act of respect and an act of good solid pragmatism to say yes to the forest monster (however awkward and weird we felt about it)

This may not look like much to you but to us that afternoon was a gamechanger- because in a matter of hours we saw that what we had imagined…. came true.

3. We have settled on a plan! We are going to swap the barn and the house (giving us a killer view to the lake). Ah well, I think the plan deserves a post of it´s own… but it´s good to have settled on a plan after weeks and weeks of speculating and watching the light change during the course of the day.

That´s it. More to follow shortly.

You might also like to read about who we are or maybe something about staying at home with the kids.

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