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Now, I have to start out by building a house for Sebastian.
It cannot take more than ten days to do, because we need to move and we only have two trailers.

Before I can start blatantly bragging about the amazing powers of my new Logosol Timmerjigg (<— sponsor), I have to take down a decent sized pine tree…

For something like this to happen smoothly and safely, you need good quality tools. Most importantly a powerful chainsaw with a sharp chain.
Until Stihl decides to sponsor me (nudge nudge, wink wink) with such a thing I while have to do with this…

Seeing as I only have two chains, it’s definitely worth the hassle to “peel” off the bark, so as to save a little sharpness for later…

Now for the final cut.
It’s extremely important to know what you’re doing at this stage to make the tree fall exactly where you want it to…

I know you all think this looks ridiculously professional and everything, but the truth of the matter is that I don’t have a picture of the result.

An old spruce had fallen into the pine and leaned against. AND the gorgeous maple tree that I was trying to free and protect had grown a huge branch into the mess and I ended up having two and a half trees coming down on me, just barely missing the barn by a few inches!

Next post will start with a picture of a neat and well managed tree ready for milling…

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