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Dear people,

It seems like the natural thing to do. It seems as the only logical consequence of this lifechoice. However messed up, fucked up, disturbed and in every way lost and confused as I am… I have always been strangely focused.
So that´s why I´m leaving the internet.

It´s been compromising me.

I don´t know for how long I´ll be gone.
As long as it takes me to claim myself.

The benefits of having been openly documenting my life througout the years has been many.
Thank you for relating to me, thank you for emailing me letters that made my heart go all wobbely, thank you for debating with me- thank you for challenging me.
I don´t want to tell you about the negative sides of the internet, I guess we all know.
I just want to say thank you.

I´m going to focus on living in the forest now. Making sense of my past. Taking care of the future. Surviving in the present.

And then I´m going to write that book. The product.

My husband Jeppe is going to be substituting me on this blog as well as on the facebook page. Knowing him he won´t be substituting at all- he´ll be his own wonderfull strange self, writing his own wonderfull strange stuff.
It will be all fantastic and exiting!

Thank you. And take care.

Courage and strenght


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5 comments on “I´m leaving the internet

  1. Julia christie says:

    Having just recently discovered your blog I am quite sorry to see you stepping away, but of course it does seem a natural evolution based on the life you are choosing to live- a wonderfully inspiring life indeed.
    The best of luck to you as you begin this new chapter, simplifying still more, embracing the essential things and gently shunting away from the unnecessary.
    Smiles and blessings


  2. I understand why but I will miss your posts. I am glad the blog will continue and I look forward to your book. It has been good to hear the story of people who are refusing to play the game of make money and buy stuff because it makes it easier for other people to also refuse to play. The more people who quit playing that game the better the world will be.


  3. Dear, dear Andrea
    It makes so much sense. I think it will help you look inward and care less what we all think. I think it will help you distill your thoughts and experiences for the book. I think it will be a huge challenge and I think you are up for it. Love to you. Hope to find another way of staying in touch. I will REALLY miss you. Yet there are other ways.


  4. I will miss reading your blog as your experience has made me doubt myself a little less. And I understand. Being connected to this outer world of craziness makes it really hard to listen to the inside voice. I look forward to your book!
    Warmly, miwa


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