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So, after nagging my wife about her internet abuse for years I actually end up taking over her blog AND facebook page… Doh!

But there will be none of that touchy/feely stuff!
Only MANLY topics on how to do stuff and lift heavy things and catch animals and whatever…

I will probably rant about politics here and there, seeing as it is the subject that makes my glands swell the most.

I might do the odd recipe too.
Like today. I made dinner for our twins turning seventeen.
Fries, Fried Chicken, Beef Tacos and Guacamole.
I could post some really delicious looking photos and make everyone’s mouths water.
But accidentally we ate it all.

Not a pine needle in sight though 😉

ALSO I will feel no need to be completely honest, as I don’t believe in that transparency thing my wife keeps going on about.

I used to blog on:
But then I banned myself from the internet – go figure…

Tomorrow I will make a testosterone filled piece about the greenhouse I built yesterday.

Au reservoir, mon amörs!

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2 comments on “Go figure…

  1. I’m glad that we can still follow your journey into your future


    1. Mansteader says:

      You never know. She might return…


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