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It´s one of those days…. that calls for chocolate.

These are my favorite chocolates. Originally they´re from England and originally they´re very expensive – but hey, you can make them yourself!

The main overall feature and advantage of after eights is, that it´s a very good way to provide your body with MINT (good when having respiratory problems, nausea and headaches)
Eat After Eights with a cup of willow bark tea and you´re homesafe.
Also covering mint in chocolate tends to get the kids to ingest mint when sick.
It´s a win/win.
It´s a herbal remedy.
100 procent.

This is what you need

A whole lotta mint (preferable from your hugelkultur window farm)
Some real good dark chocolate
Sea salt
Icing sugar
Apple cider vinegar

This is what you do

Chop the mint really really really good

In a bowl: whip the egg white of one ecological free happy little egg from your neighbours. Add one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and a little bit of really nice flaky sea salt. Continuously add icing sugar until you get a real thick mass. Then add the mint and let it rest for at least half an hour.

FIRST: you melt some dark chocolate. Spread it neatly on some baking paper. Let it cool (in a dark and… uhm, cool place) until completely hard.
SECOND: Then you add the icing sugar/mint mass. Let this rest too (in that dark place) until it´s hard.
THIRD: Cover the mint with yet another layer of melted dark chocolate. Cool off

In the end you end up with something looking like this. Not as smooth and square as the After Eights you buy in the store- but then you can just call them ARTISAN After Eights, right.
Try and get the layers of chocolate as thin as possible (I didn´t succeed very well, as you can see). You can also experiement a little with the ratio of mint icing/chocolate. I like my After Eights to taste very mint-y.

PLUS these chunks are so heavy and rich in taste that you can´t really eat more than one. Or two. Or three. Max.

You might also like to read: this essay that I wrote about a dragon (because if you have the fever, like me, you might be momentarily believing in dragons). Or you might want to read about Pine needles tea. 

2 comments on “Recipe for homemade After Eights

  1. That looks delicious. Yummy!


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