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I want to tell you about the baker and while telling you about the baker I want to tell you something about doomsday theories.
Those two may not be logically  connected… but you just wait and see.

His name is Konstantin and he is an emigrant, just as we all are.
He came from Germany, he was baker even before he got here but what found here, and not anywhere else, was the mill.
The local, ecological mill down by the river, 20 steps away from his very own local ecological bakery.
Now imagine that.

The mill is located in a small town named Ränsbysätter. The mill is owned by a man named Lennart. Lennart believes that there´s something wrong with the structures. Consumerism and capitalism and each man to his own. Lennart is like most of the people out here: they do not trust the structures, their down to earth peasant logic tells them that you cannot buy or sell more produce than is actually there… so they trust themselves instead. And each other.

They gather fine tools and hide it in the barns. They always chop more firewood than they need. They set food aside. They keep large rootcellars filled with homemade juice, sirup, jam, vegetables, honey, plants, potatoes, canned food and seeds for next year.
Some, like the inhabitants of the small town Ränsbysätter even decided to have their own mill, their own power plant, their own sawmill and so forth. And their own baker.
The essence.
They are driven by this underlying sense, I call it the Swedish sense:  one most be independent, self-sufficient, one most care for the community, one most keep stocks and storage and generally prepare. Worst case scenario is not that far away in the collective memory of Värmland. It´s no more than some hundred years ago that the population was so poor that 60% of them fled to america. To be pioneers instead of poor, to be adventures instead of quitters.

Just like us.

Now. My son, Silas, likes to bake. He likes to bake bread and he likes to bake DANISH pastry, so when school asked him to find a workplace in which he could have a two-day internship, he asked me to call Konstantin the Baker.
Because Konstantin the baker is not only located in the opposite end of the large lake we live by – he also won first prize in the national bakers contest.
Konstantin is king!

So I did. And Konstantin the baker was the sweetest most pleasant person. He took great care of Silas and taught him many things.
My son is like a sponge. Rough and timid on the outside, receptive on the inside. He saw everything. He learned everything and I´m forever in favor of internships in the 5th grade.

About the end of the world:I don´t think the world will come to an end. I don´t believe in doomsday theories because I think the worlds ends all of the time.


BUT…. IF the world should come to an end I think it is very cool to know about Konstantin the baker, Lennart, the mill and Ränsbysätter.
We have what we need here.
We have shelter, fire, water and food. And the best bread in the world.

These breads are decorated. On top you see the shape of the Värmland county.

The bakery is called “Björkaholms Bakarstuga”. Konstantin have been able to actually make deals with the surronding supermarkets so that consumers have the possibility of buying high quality bread in the same location as where they uniformly by all of their groceries. Hurray for the local supermarcets! Hurray for Konstantin!

And cookies. Let´s never forget the cookies!

You might also like to read something else about Silas or the about sections.

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2 comments on “Konstantin – the baker

  1. Lili Jaksic says:

    Why did this story make me so proud of you , of your son, of Konstantin – I am smiling and crying at the same time while reading it.


    1. Oh lili- thank you!


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