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So. Yeah. Food recipes.

The big fat white dressing story 

Back in our normal life we had days where we didn´t bother. We had tired days. Making dinner would seem like an unclimable mountain – not the least because it would involve so many extra tasks. Like emptying the dishwasher.
So we ate a lot of bad food. Fast food.
However, lately, I have become more and more aware about food.
I don´t know if this is because our our simple wildlife living (food tends to really matter out here) or if it´s because of people I´ve talked to or documentaries I´ve seen online- but I just realized that raw milk (the milk coming directly from the cow) have been banned in several countries.
You simply can´t buy it anymore.
Argument: because it might contain bacteria.
Ie: nature is dirty and unclean – unlike our industrial factories where no disease ever occur (*nod nod* and *wink wink*).

The problem is a problem because of the problem of free personal choice (you know, that one thing we praise to the sky but have less and less of). It´s also a problem because raw milk seems to have a positive influence on the symptoms of asthma and allergy … which is why the problem of raw milk is even debated. All of them soccer moms with asthma kids out there… they research things! They´re outraged!

But it´s the tip of the iceberg, really. We don´t know the least about what´s in the food we eat. Many kids don´t even know that meat originates from a real live… animal!
The problem with raw milk caught my attention though and I can´t reject the feeling I have… it´s a feeling of having been PLAYED.

I have been tricked and lured into buying skimmed milk without even knowing (or… to be honest… thinking about) under which circumstances it is produced.
Skimmed milk has gone through a highly advanced scientific method in which all the molecules of the milk have been separated. The natural fat in the milk is removed leaving you with a product that is, really, water with a taste of milk.

Why have I been feeding this to my children?
I know that I´m years behind what is common knowledge within the sustainable farming communities and green consumer movements. I´m just like a regular moron who´s been buying shit because I didn´t THINK about it.

However, health experts have been telling me, through media, through school, through doctors that I should buy skimmed milk. Because “natural” milk is FATTENING!

Excuse me- but I think it´s the McDonalds and the pizzas we eat, the cola and the candy, really, that is to blame for obesity. Not the milk, uh?

Jesus fucking christ!
So back to the recipes (I´m trying not to get all polical here)

Sometimes we´re lazy and tired so we make the best and easiest fast food dish in the world.

It´s called: Mommas big fat white dressing. It´s almost as good as what you get at Burger King.

What you need

A whole lotta Creme Fraiche/sour cream (extra extra FAT!)
Fresh chili
Lemon juice
Paprika (pimento)
A dash of Thyme

What you do 

Realize that you´re out of lemon and/or lemonjuice. Go outside. Pick up some Wild Common Wood – sorrel. They taste sour and lemon-ish and will make your big fat white dressing standing out from the crowd.

Chop the garlic and the chili throw it in a bowl with the cremefraice, salt, pepper, paprika, lemonjuice/Wild common-sorrel and then splash a dash of thyme on top. Go go go!

THEN you make some onion rings, some french fries and some deep fried chicken. Chop carrots, cucumbers and bell peppers into sticks. Arrange on plates. Eat in front of computer.


You might also like to read about my homemade granola or about the thing we´re doing. With our life.

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2 comments on “The big fat white dressing

  1. Vinny Grette says:

    It’s all about knowing what you eat – then making a choice. I LIKE skim milk… also the skin of chicken. Maybe the two cancel one another out


    1. You´re absolutely right! 🙂


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