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1st of may

The first of may is kind of a big deal where I come from. Big parades, speeches and tons of beers – to celebrate the workers, all of them workers, who brought us here… all through industrialisation.

I´m halfway socialist, halfway traditionalist., halfway anarchist, halfway conservative, halfway feminist and halfway pragmatic (it dosn´t add up. I know).
All of that really does not matter anymore though. It´s in the distance. What matters now is the politics of everyday life.
The responsibility we take upon us.
Each day.
Our actions.

So this is what we did on May first.

We cannot always see where we are going

We´re moving in different directions.

And there are trolls....

.... and when we´re scared we hide in mommas skirt

We find wells of blurred wisdom

We clear blurred wells of wisdom

We hang out. Together.

We drink. We eat. We breathe. We take a break. We wear unpaired socks.

We hold our head in our hand.

We love

You might like to read about the house we´re restoring or a post I wrote about the claim that trying to live a simple life is elitist.

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