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Paid a visit to the dump.

"what happens after I die? " asked the little fridge, last years model.

"What happens after I die?" asked the little fridge, last years model.

Be kind. Rewind.

Be kind. Rewind.

Man made mountains

Man made mountains

The dustman don´t come to our place. We have to take care of all of trash. We have to sort it, we have to reuse and recycle, we have to drive it to the dump and place our plastic on the mountains with our very own… bare hands.
Always makes me feel weird.

You might also like to read about hygiene in the wild or listen to the actual song of the actual lake as spring breaks the ice.

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3 comments on “Just because you don´t see it dosn´t mean it´s not there

  1. WADE says:

    Makes me really mad to see stuff like this…


    1. Yup me too. And sorry.


      1. Take a look at this movie- it´s totally cool:
        (two people dedicated to living plastic free for a year)


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