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We have divided our task and responsibilities so much, in this teamwork of ours that we seldom get the chance to work TOGETHER. I do the laundry. He chops the firewood. I look after the kids. He looks after the house. Ect.
My back has been hurting for such a long time, we had even decided that I was to earn the money (sitting still in an office somewhere) while he was going to build our dream. But, alas, my back is doing much better so today we decided to work on the house. TOGETHER.

The children didn´t want to work and there we were, suddenly embracing the rare possibility of actually spending some time. Alone. TOGETHER

We experienced all sorts of exiting things:

Look at me! Look at how strong I have become!

Look at me!

Hey look at me! I´m also very strong! Woop woop! Strong as an oxe!

Hey look at me too!

We wanted to clear the building. We´ve been working outside, cutting down trees for so long, today we really wanted to begin the work on the house. So we tore down all the layers of pretty … and stripped the house naked.

The cabin is very old and was last inhabited 50 years ago. All of these layers of tapestry not only bear witness of changing times- they have also functioned as insulation.

The cabin is very old and was last inhabited 50 years ago. All these layers of tapestry not only bear witness of changing times- they have also functioned as insulation against the cold winter winds.

" So.... you wanna go outside, just for a minute?"


Outside we made a hugelkultur raised bed under a very old appletree

This is material for the buttom of the hugelkultur raised bed. It´s from the inside of the house and from just outside. I like to call this picture "brown on brown"

This is also material for the hugelkultur. It´s actual insulation (dirt and moss) between walls inside the house. It´s funny how unthinkable that seems today- and funny to see how well this insulationmaterial have actually lasted.

Then we went to the addit and look what I found on the floor

Downstairs. Our bedroom. A broken chimney. No hanky panky. Lots of work.

Look what we found in the walls ("Trivsel" is the Swedish word for well-being")

It was a day well spendt. TOGETHER.

It was a really nice date.

You might also like to check out the facebook page– loads of links and loving. Or maybe you´d like to read more about the house?

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4 comments on “The date

  1. Dominique says:

    Spontant forslag inspireret af fotos fra jeres fund: Find en lille æske til opbevaring af disse små stumper af husets historie – gem et afriv fra tapetlagene osv.
    Kan fx bruges en vintermørkedag.
    En collagegave til huset, når dets nye beboer flytter ind 🙂
    Har sendt et eksempel via mail. Ku ik hit ud, hvordan jeg ku få det sat ind hér?
    Kh D


    1. Sikke en god idé, D. Det vil jeg helt klart gøre!


  2. Sofie says:

    Men HVOR knaldede I henne? (PS: Er i gang med at skrive en erotisk novelle til en konkurrence og øver mig i at bruge udtryk, som alle andre forlængst er vokset fra..så sorry, men det passede lige pludselig ind her!)


    1. We didn´t. Måske skulle jeg også tilmelde mig den der konkurrence…. 😉


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