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It´s called hugelkultur online but out here it´s called täck – odling.
Jo was the one that taught us about this techique and you should see his garden!

The soil in the forest is different from the soil in a garden. Also, the soil in the mountains is different than the rich soil of the Motherland. So naturally we have to take this into consideration- growing soil just as much as we grow vegetables.
It´s an effective method and it worked very well last year (until an elk and a renegate goat ate all of our crops).

Tech odling is about making raised bed using the decomposting materials of the woods- thus, due to the heat of decomposting going on in the bed, extending the growing seasson. It´s a win/win. You enrich your soil + you can grow stuff for longer.

I´m intrigued by the trend of window farming/urban gardening and given that it´s our goal to be as selfsufficent as possible- growing stuff in the window sills during these long, cold, hard, dark winters of ours… makes sense.

I quickly realized though that the herbs and vegetables did not grow very using conventional methods so I wanted to make some improvements. Hence this experiement. I´m making a hugelkulture bed in a small scale.

This is the beginning:

Take a walk on the wild side and gather material from the forest floor. I happened to have some eggshells so I brought them with me (because forest soil is generally low on calcium and I wanted to add this to the powermix)

Find a good halfway rotten tree and add to your mix. This is the good stuff!

Add some sticks to the mix

Rotten wood at the buttom, then small sticks, then material from the forest floor (plus egg) and just for the heck of it- why not throw some ashes from the stove in there.

Add some real good soil. This is soil from a shop because I wanted to make sure that unwanted weeds would not disturb the fragile proces of re-planting the herbs.

Mint, Thyme, Rosemary, Coriander, Basil, Sage, Garlic and Radish. In the window sill.

Add a stone with a hole in it. This stone is from the shores of the Motherland and back home stones with holes in them bring good luck (Yes. We travelled here bringing with us a lot of stones with holes but we´re all out now, this is the last one)

The concept of täck -odling is that you keep the soil covered thus increasing the heat in the bed and keeping it moist. Take some grasses from outside and cover the bed. And that´s it!


Herbs like thyme and rosemary grow better in a more dry setting- but for herbs like parsley, springonions, garlic ect the hugelkultur window farming works wonders!

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4 comments on “Hugelkultur window farming

  1. Max says:

    It seems like a very good beginning 🙂

    Best wishes, Max


  2. That’s an awesome idea. I assume the rotting wood and the twigs will all end up decomposing, enriching the soil? Did you plant your veggies instantly or wait for the soil to settle?


  3. Wade says:

    I read that wood shouldn’t be included in composting for growing food because apparently it absorbs a lot of the nutrients when decomposing.


    1. andreahejlskov says:

      Ok. I havn´t noticed that problem with my own hugelkulturs- I have many outdoors now. I do have problems with ants and pests though but I think I would have no matter what method i was using also I´ve noticed that the hugelkulturs gets increasingly better (productive) over the years….


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