You will understand everything

Albert Einstein said; “Look deep into nature and you will understand everything”.

I guess that dosn´t make a lot of sense unless one spends enough time out there/in here to actually notice the subtle things. But then again- sometimes the grandiose steps forth so clearly.

I met my neighbour by the road this morning.
“Are you hearing it?” he asked
“Yes” I replied. “It´s incredible. We recorded it”
“Oh good” We stood for a minute, listening to the song.
“It´s very rare, I haven´t heard this since my childhood. It comes from all of the lakes” and then he pointet everywhere. Around him.

You see when the weather is mild it collides with the deep frozen lakes. Waves underneath the ice. Ice breaking apart.
Warm sunny days, frost nights.
I understand. Everything. Tonight:

The beauty of friction.

Here it is.

9 thoughts on “You will understand everything

  1. Hej Andrea

    Ikke engang noget menneskeskabt kan lyde så smukt og forførende.

    It must be the spirit of the lake

    Wauv… I wish i was there

    Keep the good spirit in mind

    Kh Roar


      1. No added sounds? I can’t believe this recording isn’t on the news in every country. I grew up north of the arctic circle too, but no where near any lakes, unfortunately. Rivers, yes, but they don’t sound like this…



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