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Yesterday people came. Like a magnet the forest attracts them.
The Monument stood monumental right there, in the wild, welcoming them, whispering “It is possible”.

Our friend Capitan is building a collective /communal living space at Svendsætter. We are ourselves guests at  the place where we lived for 9 crazy months. Strange. Good.

We drove to Svendsætter to welcome the people. Friends and family. I took some pictures of things that I was thinking.

The drawing, the hat, the blue sky, the smile

I think it is good for children to be allowed wilderness experiences. I think it allows them to build connections and relations to the world that surronds them, I think it gives them confidence to know basic natural skills and I think the peace and quiet, the sounds, the smells and the experiences nurtures their general development in a way that “modern life in the city” can not.

I also think it is very sweet how this lovely little girl made a drawing of a princes in the middle of the wild. Because, you know, culture and nature does not exclude eachother.

Debating how to build bows

I think it is good for my son Silas to hang out with the guests. I think it enables him to communicate openly with people, I think it is a grand thing that communication in the wild is so much more than sitting around a table drinking coffee. He gets to know different people, he gets to understand different lifechoices and communication patterns, it gives him confidence that he can interact with grown-ups and guests. I think it strengthens him and I think he needs it. I also think that these two guests are fabulous!

The way she looks

I think it is amazing how my daughter Victoria refuses to dress like a lumberjack. I think it shows great strenght that she insists on dressing this way no matter how simple we live, no matter the lack of comforts.
I also can´t believe that my child has grown this much and I think it´s very cool that this good-looking girl actually helped build the building in the background.

More to follow. Today we will go work at our own place.

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