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We learnt our lesson. Securing the firewood for winter is of enormous importance. Running around in the cold, chopping down trees, always behind, never enough… yes, the firewood is essential.

There is a strange logic, almost an absurdity in the fact, that the first thing you have to do in the spring… is to think about winter.
There is also continuity in it.

We are living in a temporary house while fixing Lénsætter- our new place. Our old place,  the timber house we build,  is being turned into a forest collective- as we speak. It´s all good, it´s all fine, we just weren´t as suited for community as we thought we were.  We wanted a tribe- but it´s family first and we need to settle, we need to find our peace. First.
It´s all about the order of things…

We´re cutting down trees for firewood and for building material.
It´s hard work and there´s so much to say about it but today I said enough so here´s some pictures instead:

Thanks to Nadia and Ingi who brought us this fantastic little piece of wilderness equipment. The fire goes up all the way the inside of the kettle thus creating a natural "electrical kettle"

What is this?
This is a natural electrical kettle. Many thanks to Nadia & Ingi who gave it to us- it´s of great use when cutting down trees in the forest!
The fire goes up all the way in the middle thus boiling the water very fast. Mmmm. Coffee. That´s how we begin the day.

This is a boy. Almost a man. Sebastian, 17. He has been given a task: to build himself a small natural building on the plot. He learnt a lot while we worked on our previous house- now it is time for him to put all of this knowledge into practise.
He has found himself a beautiful spot by the creek and is exited about the work (ahem… most of the time).
I´m very proud of him.

Sometimes we´re happy.

Sometimes the boy looks just like his father.

There´s a lot of resin in spruce and pine. Resin naturally seals (and heals) wounds.
Pine resin contains a chemical compound that keeps microorganisms from infecting the pine tree. It works the same way on your skin.
Practical. When working with axes.

Victoria, 17 year old dreamer (who does not like to have her picture taken) spends a lot of time walking in the forest. She is currently scouting for nice things for her own natural building (or simply just enjoying the alone time) Today she came home with this.
She found a creek where the stones were all covered in a sort of gold-like material. It comes off when you touch it.

Rumour has it that there´s gold in these mountains. Can it be?
(please share your thoughts on the facebook page – I´m totally curious and/or having gold fever)

So that´s what we did today. We also did a lot of other stuff.
You know.
The works.

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4 comments on “Pictures of a day

  1. Dominique says:

    Ja brænde-dag også hér.
    Opbevarings logistik skal løses.

    Victorias spændende sten. Samle opdage kreere
    Optaget i det nu det er
    Victoria går i skoven og jeg langs havet.
    Smukke sten fordi de er så mangfoldige i former farver huler væsner muligheder.

    Læste i Jungs erindringer, at han begyndte at bygge et lille hus, af de småsten han gik og samlede ved sin sø – det endte vidst med at blive til en lille by, i et tilbagevendende dagligt behov.
    Mon der findes fotos af disse byggerier?

    God dag til dig Victoria + de 5 🙂 kram fra D


  2. Artman says:


    So you got the fever 😉
    Sorry to say but that stone is not gold even if its beautiful, but….you can find gold almost anywhere but its usually in so small amounts its not worth the effort to get it, and you sure need a microscope to have a chance to see it, usually you can only veryfye it through analysis.
    Anyway, It would be interesting to check out the creek, there is maybe small pieces you can see with the naked eye hidden in the gravel, but you still need to know where to look and you need some basic stuff like a goldpan to do a serious search (not too serious, I dont think you want to dig it all up), maybe I schould drop by with my goldpans 😉
    However its like fishing, very relaxing.


    1. I totally got the fever! Gold or no gold – Victoria is going to make a natural stonefloor porch type thing. All shiny and golden! 😉


      1. Artman says:

        That sounds absolutely wonderful. Go for it! 🙂


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