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Living without supermarkets, money and countless supplies of candy and chocolate (and the tired friday routine of emptying the shelves at the gas station: “We sure do deserve something extra super nice after a long hard week of work”)…. has taught me a thing or two about using, reusing and finding new uses for the scarce resources that we do have.

I like it.
I think it´s a very creative endeavour. Almost like a sport.
If we have an abundance of fruit and I can see that it´s getting mature faster than we eat it-  I have taught myself the art (and when I say “art” I mean “art”)  of drying fruit.

Now that we live in this temporary house it´s even easier because we have an electrical oven (wich regulates the temperature very easily)- however dried fruit is best to do in the wood stove (more ecological and economic)

Dried fruit is good in granola, in cakes and can even substitute for a kind of candy if you´re all out.

Today I made dried kiwi. Here´s how it´s done.

Slice the kiwi´s real thin. Place them on baking paper (they´ll fall through the grit if you don´t)

Slice the kiwi´s (fruit) real thin. Place the slices on baking paper (they will likely fall through the grid if you don´t).
I blame the bad lightening on this picture on the electrical light in this (temporary) house- NOT on my camera skills.

Place the fruit in the oven. Set on 50 degrees, keep the lid open. After an hour os so take the fruit out and off of the baking paper, placing them directly on the grid. Allow to dry for at least one more hour. Keep an eye on it. Drying fruit is not about figures and numbers and recipes- it´s about keeping an eye on it.

Now these are dried kiwis. You can dry any fruit you want- just slice it real thin. The fruit will have a weird consistency ranging from a -kind-of-chips to a- kind-of- fruitleather.
Kiwi´s are kind of sour so if you want to spice it up, sprinkling them with some sugar before drying... I wouldn´t blame you.

This picture is only here because I think my kid is kindda cute.
He also likes dried fruit.
The bottle of red wine in the background is only there because it was friday last night. Yeah. Right.
PS. Store the dried fruit in mason jars or something the like of it. Store in a dark place.

You might also like to read about trees (and how to use them in the household) or something about who we are and our situation.

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One comment on “Dried fruit

  1. Hi Andrea, I read about you guys on the DN magazine and I am loving your blog. I am totally gonna try the dry kiwi recipe next week. I am looking forward to read your book as well. Happy Saturday!


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