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We live in a rural district. To many, rural districts are nothing but lazy sunday afternoons, closed shops and old people. Nothing ever happens in the rural districts. Right? All the action is in the city. Right?

Well. Allow me to introduce to you 3 young ladies who have truly embraced – and find both inspiration and pride – in living in a rural district. This rural district. These woods.

“Imagine that you after a long, dark and freezing winter feel the sun touch your face. All of a sudden you want to get up in the morning, life works with you, not against you, and energy runs through your veins. You can do anything. That is what ”Southern Winds” is about.”

One day they began to appear in my news feed. I hadn´t heard about them before but I listened to the song a million times. It seemed to be an evidence of a coming spring, a forewarning of something youthful and energetic. So I decided to ask them a couple of questions.
The countryside of things

I asked them about their background and how it has affected them.

“Originally we’re all from different parts of Sweden. From small villages, close to nature. A couple of years ago we all met in Piteå, on the northern coast of Sweden.
The fact that we’re all from the countryside has affected both our personalities and our music a lot. It’s probably one of the reasons that we’ve found both friendship, inspiration and understanding in each other. It is also an important part of our image as a band”

The constant longing

Nature seems to be a big part of the Swedish “folk- soul”. In Sweden you will always find people dressed for the outdoors, they go for a lot of walks, they fish, hunt, exercise in nature. Most young people will have had great experiences in the great outdoors. At least the young people in the rural districts.

We all enjoy spending time in the mountains and in the forest, and always find a lot of energy and inspiration there. Many songs have their roots in nature, and among them there are a lot of songs that carry a longing for countryside. Even though we live in a small town where nature is close, we all have dreams and plans for the future to live in a house close to nature and freedom”.

Future of rural districts

Being young in a centralized world can be complicated, I imagine. All the action is somewhere else. Right?
To me as an adult it dosn´t really matter. I´ve lived in the big city, found it to be more conformist than living in the rural districts. How does it feel for Chickpeas?

“Many musicians from up north move to Stockholm or other bigger cities in the south to be able to play music, make their career and find important contacts. We would like to see that all music and art forms don’t have to be experienced only in the bigger cities but also in the rest of the country.

The music business has a big focus on Stockholm, but with computers, internet and the possibilities they give, it wouldn’t have to matter if you live in central Stockholm or on a mountain in northern Lapland. Further in the future we would like to bring more musicians and artists here since we believe that every human being needs to calm down and get some fresh air.

So who are they?

“Chickpeas has three members – Elin Grunditz (vocals and bass), Ida Nilsson (vocals, harmonica and mandolin) and Lina Larsdotter (vocals and guitar). The band was born on a balcony in Piteå, on a sunny day two years ago.

We write and play music with roots in folk, blues, bluegrass and americana. Right now a lot of things are happening and we’re all curious to know where we’re heading. Our first music video was released a couple of weeks ago, we’re busy recording in a studio, we have concerts in both cafés, trains and festivals and we’re planning out a summer tour through Sweden 2012. We also have plans for a fourth member. We dream about giving concerts on stages all over the world and being the southern wind in people´s life”

A simple dream. For simple country folks. Right?

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One comment on “Chickpeas

  1. tokyobling says:

    Wonderful music. So good to see creative people who have the strength to ignore Stockholm.


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