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This is Jo.
He is our friend. Without him we wouldn´t be in this forest.

We met him on the internet. For a long time we had long correspondences about our lives, dreams, past, tragedies and hopes.
One day he wrote “Well. I can´t stand all this talking. anymore. Everybody´s just talking, talking, talking. I´m not having it anymore. Tomorrow I´ll go the the forest!” and off the went.
To the forest.
His original action left us without excuses.
To do or to do not, that is the question.

I want to tell you the story about Jo because something happened today. Today was yet another turning point in the pioneer life.
Today it changed.

Jo is a wise man. He thinks a lot about society, philosophy, science. He has the pain-eyes of an intelligent man and although I don´t agree in every of his conclusions, I do agree in a lot of his analysis.
Jo is also an annoying man. Black and white, yellow and blue. Stubborn, loud, inflexible flexible. And the most caring, loving man. Biggest heart.
This is his blog. 

Last summer. Talking by the fire. Being the fire.

Punk-boy grown old

Jo comes from a wealthy family but at a young age he ran away from it all. He ran into the woods. He stayed there for many years, living in a tipi all through the seasons, living off the land. He would not use plastic for any purposes. He would fear the nuclear war. A punk- boy growing old.

A lot of things have happened in his life.
At some point he met us and we became an extended family. A tribe.
We spent so many summer nights under the stars, around the fire, debating society, humanity, the future. We spent countless hours working. Fishing. Eating. slaughtering. Cleaning. Walking.

Jo sees himself going down in a bullestorm, fighting, defending something.
We mostly wanted to plant vegetables.

As time passed by and winter placed it´s icecold hand on our hearts it became apparent that we differ. Too much.

A great sorrow.

Jo wants a collective. A new smaller society. Rules. An ordered context.
We want the core-family. Our metaphor would be more like a village.


Today, as the goose flew over our house and spring came springing up from the ground- Jo knocked on our door.

He regularly comes, to charge his battery, to drink coffee. We are friends. Forever friends.
This day, though, it was different.
“We need to talk” he said.

It took some hours.
We made some plans.
He is to make a collective in the house we have given to the community, to him.
We are to establish our family and settle down, such as settlers do. Doing our own thing.

And then, an invisible superstructure, an unspoken holy truth.
Two opposites can – and do- work together.
It´s never either/or.

Living in nature

I have said it before and now I´m saying it again.
Living in nature changes you.
The cycles of natures crawls into your mind and suddenly it´s not about establishing some linear truth…. instead your life begins to revolve around spring, summer, fall, winter –  captured in human emotions such as beginnings, extraversion, introversion, ends.

Transmitters of life

There is a quote. It means a lot to me. It´s from a poem written by D. H. Lawrence

“We are transmitters of life
As we live
we transmit life
and when we fail to transmit life
life fails to flow through us”

Jo is a transmitters of life, maybe the biggest transmitter of life I have ever met. Sometimes life is hard and unfair, sometimes life is stubborn, deaf, dum and blind (but never evil). Sometimes life is sweet and caring, sometimes life is empathic and generous, sometimes life is inspiring, moving and tearfully beautiful.

It is only the strongest of us that get to live a life like that.

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