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He refused to wear his hat.

I´m hearing the birds sing. The murmur from the river, underneath the ice.  And something else too.

We are waking up.

We spent the morning profiting from the hard-earned experiences of the first months we were here.
We know that the outside will be a big part of our every day life. Where to put the outdoor kitchen. How to design it. Seating around the fire. Shelter. Swaying back and forth. Putting to use all the mistakes we made.
Last spring.

Then Jeppe went to slaughter two roosters.
Victoria made the soup. Silas made the bread. Sigurd building caves with our duvet on the floor.
Sebastian went to Our Place to cut down some trees. Clear the ground.
We´re clearing the ground. We´re getting ready. We´re letting the sun in.

“I´m just gonna walk the dog” he said.
He refused to wear his hat.
“It´s really warm outside, mom”

I think it´s spring.

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