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It´s the lake. It´s the subwoofer. It sounds exactly like a UFO.
Woo up.
Woo up.

I went to record it but the sound is too deep for any recording system.
Woo up.
Woo up.

I can´t shake it.

The sound persists. Like some kind of message. Some kind of beep that I should magically be able to understand. It speaks! Holy cow!
It´s a drum beat and a tone. A bass beat.
It´s a sound that penetrates everything.

I can´t believe I havn´t heard this sound before.

I come from the sea- country. Oceans all around. The salty taste in my mouth, the warm summer sun on my skin. Deep, dark frozen forest lakes is not within the scope of my experience… and I can´t tell if it´s the outlandish feel or the admirable resonance everywhere that makes me feel this way.

I feel like the lake is trying to tell me something.

I feel like the world is changing.

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