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(Warning! This post is going to be disgustingly optimistic AND romantic)

With four children it´s not often the husband and I get some time for ourselves. Put into that equation that we live in a small (temporary) cabin… you get the picture.
Some days we do sneak away though. Like today.

The story is this: we came to the wilderness 9 months ago. We lived in a small cabin while building a larger cabin. We cut down everything in life but the basics. There were no luxuries (but the sunrise), no water, electricity, internet, nothing. We discovered what it REALLY is that we need build a house and a home (love, solidarity and respect being taken for granted). It boils down to five features:

1. Space
We had a lot of guests in the cabin and nobody had a room of their own. Space is maybe the number one luxury of modern life… and a luxury that we cannot do without.

2. Shower facilities
We are too modern to go back to the standards of “before”

3. Electricity.
We were not able to live without computers (for writing, watching movies), mobile phones (for emergencies) or lightning bulbs (in the very dark wintertime). We simply were not- and running to neighbours charging (car) batteries is stressful. The sound of a diesel generator is stressful too. We need green technology.

4. Internet.
To live without internet equals total isolation and we can´t do it. We are communicative beings and the internet  gives us information as well as relations to the outside world.

5. Location. Location. Location.
We need to live in nature. We need to not have neighbours. We need to be able to be self-sufficient (we need good soil) The children needs to be able to take long walks, fish, play. We need sunshine solitude and animals whispering to us.

That´s what we need. That´s really all we need.

So we found ourselves another old, worn, torn cabin in the woods. The old woman who lived there a hundred years ago was self-sufficient. The soil is good. The cabin is located away from the center of attention (= the cabin we lived in before where a community is now sprouting).  There is internet signal. It is will be easy to add extra rooms to this building.
There is a well. And… an important feature: this cabin is only located some kilometers away from the school bus (note: it is forbidden to home school your children in Sweden, more so we believe the children needs the company of other children)

As we were debating and planning and drawing and prioritizing he said “Babes, lets drive up there, just you and me! Let´s inspect it and decide on the spot!”

One of the great things about having four children is the fact that they are able to look out for each other…. so off we went.
To look around.

Look up!

Look up!

Look down!

Look down!

We followed the small animal trail through the bush. Holding hands. I kid you not. It was a very romantic moment.

Look to your right!

Look to your left!

Look to your right!

Look to your right!

Look at me!

Look at me!

This is what we have. This is what we need.
We´re in the center of the world.

OH! And why this post is named subwoofer? Because all through this splendid morning the lake made spectacular spring sounds. It could have been violins as we kissed. But it was not. It was a subwoofer.

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