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Wet wipes

Today was a good day. Not only did I get a very encouraging mail from somebody important about something important- but I also got around to making my own wet wipes. AND the sun is shining. AND the birds are singing. AND my back is getting better. But most importantly… I made my own wet wipes!
I´m so proud about this small, stupid fact that I actually went ahead and created a gallery about it!

Wet wipes have been a huge expense on the household budget. When used they do not burn well and the do not decompose well. And their made of plastic. All in all: the wet wipes have been a problem.

We use wet wipes for Sigurd (who is still wearing diaper).
We also use them to clean our face and hands from time to time- hygiene is important, living the pioneer life, since we tend to get a lot more dirty than when working in offices and going to school. Having wet wipes lying around is that extra little something… that makes a difference.
We don´t wear makeup but if you do you can use this recipe for make-up removal too (just don´t add soap)


What you need
A clean container about same size as the paper towels
A roll of toilet paper or half a roll of kitchen paper
A cup of water (depending on the size of the container)
A handful of pine needles
2 teaspoons of oil (preferably coconut, olive or almond oil)
A few drops of soap (ecological, without perfume)

(Pine is antibacterial and promotes the discharge of waste from the body, also it is high in vitamin A and C. Read more about pine here)

What you do
Chop the pine needles
Boil them in the water
Pour the pine water into the container.
Add soap and oil.  Stir around
Remove the cardboard tube from the paper towel.
Pull up a little paper from the inside of the roll
Slowly lower the paper towel into the container
Let is soak at least half an hour before use

Now I think this is genius. Not only is it cheap, frugal and well thought (thank you grand ol´internet!) it´s also sustainable, ecological and green.

If you try it- let me know how it works out!


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5 comments on “Wet wipes

  1. I’m most definitely going to try that out. It’ll be a neat and handy solution whilst gardening or eating massive amounts of barbecued ribs 🙂


    1. Yup! After having used these for a while now I´m really a big fan. The thicker the paper you use is the better 🙂


  2. sp1d3r says:

    Was wondering if u had a trick 4 making the tp not shred as much when its wet frequently been out of everything but tp so we do something like this now just wondering


    1. andreahejlskov says:

      Yes, after testing different types of toiletpaper I actually landed on using the paper towels ment for use in the kitchen. They don´t shred as easily.


      1. andreahejlskov says:

        Also I´ve used small pieces of clothing. Clothing really seems to be an ecces comodity in society, you can buy clothes here for pennies (second hand) also our own clothing seems to tear easily living like this…


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