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It was a beautiful morning. Glorious actually. As the lake made large noises from the ice melting, cracking, singing… we sat in the house, in the sunshine, and decided that hibernation is really over now. It really, really is.
Then we went to inspect our new home.

First you follow the white path along the lake

then follow the signs

then you get to our new home

We have lived in this forest for 9 months now. It took us 9 months to adjust and accommodate, to get over the chock, to prepare for a new lifestyle.

This is the new lifestyle.
The pioneer lifestyle. We´re doing it- and our house looked spectacular. There is energy there. I see the future. There.
I´m not afraid. Not at all.

I know we can do it.

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7 comments on “What we did today

  1. mavricnisvet says:

    Hi! I’m a bit curios why have you decided to live like this?


  2. I´m glad you asked!
    I actually answered that question on my old blog (which was a lot more centered around our feelings and emotions, struggles and dreams as a family). Here:

    (i´m going to write something about it on this blog too though. Seems relevant!)
    In short: because of the children. We felt disconnected from them and as they grew up I felt that I had not given them the things I REALLY wanted to give them… as a mother. I had been too busy trying to fit in thus unconsiously passing on a lot of values to them that I really dont agree with (consumerism for instance). I felt a strong need to give them some PRACTICAL skills- and enhancing their self-confidencen and self-relliance.

    We also did it for ourselves. I started out as a childpsychologer, had a career- but then went on to be a writer… suddenly subdoing to the same kind of stress: Succes! Ambition! Money! Recognition!
    I was dying in there…. so we broke free.

    It´s not been an easy ride though but I´m really happy that we did it. I can see the positive (as well as the negative) effects on the life quality of my kids- the good outweighs the bad and for me personally (and for my husband) there is no going back to the common adult life.
    It began to feel pointless. We wanted MORE with our lifes (this is not the same as saying that everybody else sucks- for us personally we just had to find some sense to it all).

    Oh. There are so many reasson. I will write something up. I´m sure you´re not the only one with that question.

    All the best


  3. mavricnisvet says:

    Dear Andrea,

    I was browsing trough both of your blogs and your FB profile, since I find it inspiring, and also because I had some thoughts about living far from civilisation to avoid the traps of modern consumerism. Well, I still do. 🙂

    Although it’s very tempting, and as you’ve said, it has some positive effects, I’m not sure if I could handle the negative ones. Also, my husband would probably never agree to this way of living.
    We do have some friends who are trying to find a place for an eco community, and I would like to join them, but for the time being this seems like something that will happen one of these days in the future, when all the barriers are removed (the one with finding and buying a land, to those in my had) :)))

    I can’t imagine to live on my own like your family does since I’m more of a community person. I love being around people.

    I’ve been unemployed for a few years. Although I freelanced a bit, it was not enough for “normal” living. By normal I mean the standards of today consumer society. But this was a great experience, when I found out I don’t need so much stuff.

    Now, when I got a job, I enjoy working a lot. Money, success and career don’t mean much to me any more. Although I’m tempted to buy a new smartphone or a new computer even when the old one are working perfectly. 🙂

    All the best from Slovenia,


    1. Thanks for sharing your personal story! (I think the world would be a better place if people shared their stories!)
      I think a lot of people feel like you do. They WANT “something” to change or to happen- it´s just hard to figure how, why, when and what. And it IS a bit chock and it IS very hard- but I need to say this: this is the best thing we ever did. As a family. No matter the hardsip… it´s worth it. BUT people are different and thank gods for that 🙂


      1. mavricnisvet says:

        Yes, it’s absolutely true. Finding answers to what, why, how and when is difficult. It’s probably easier to make a step in a new direction and find out if it OK or not, and then make a new step accordingly. But it’s also true that sometime you have to hesitate with the first step till the confusion in your head gets clearer.

        Sometimes we mistakenly think that something – like moving somewhere – will solve our problems. But maybe when we first realise which issue is the cause of our problems, we find that moving is not the right answer to this problem 🙂

        I admire you and your family, and I’m glad I run into your blog.


  4. Teresa says:

    Dear Andrea,
    I agree with some of the hoj poj of bringing up a family in a closer home life, but you dont have to live off the grid to do so. It’s a choice of how you bring your children up. Living off the grid just makes it easier on making it happen.

    What are the choices of raising a child/children off the grid. Will they go to a public school or homeschooled? Socialization is a must with learning skills when bringing up a child or side affects of isolation could become hazardous.

    How close is your closest neighbor?



    1. Well. I do believe that our surrondings matter and that the environment we live in do change us and give us different possibilities for interaction with each other. Sure you can be a happy family without moving off grid! But it does change the scope of things, your priorities, the way you relate to eachother and the work you do. We lived 9 months with the kids in the forest- we had a lot of visitors and friends in the forest, so we were by no means alone – but the kids got to miss other kids. I think this is something very important to take into account when moving off grid. Our neighborg is some kilometers away and the school is half an hours drive. I wouldn´t go further into the forest with my kids. We are, after all, social beings. But the question about solitude is very relevant and needs to be both debated and reflected upon.
      Kindest regards


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