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Trees are a huge part of our every day experience. I count myself very lucky to get to know more about trees. Damnit. It has made me a treehugger. So here´s the daily/monthly/quarterly/random post about a tree.
This time we say hello to Spruce!

Spruce is insulating.

If you pile a stack of spruce around your home it insulates it in the cold winters. If you lay on a bed of spruce (when sleeping outside… which we sometimes do.. because it´s nice) the spruce will be the most pleasant, warm bed.
Cut off the largest branches and make as thick of a layer as possible for best insulation. Cover with fur or thick blankets.

Wet weather and spruce

If it is very muddy in the spring and fall, make a path of spruce in front of your house. It makes it safer to walk and cleans off the boots before entering the house.
If you are making a shelter spruce is water repellant.  Use it as a roof.

Spruce and spring

In the spring time small almost neon green buds will appear on the spruce trees. These are edible and not only contain a LOT of c-vitamin (this is why they, in the old days, just ate these buds like crazy in the spring time to reverse the c-vitamin deficit of winter time) but they are also very tasty.
Use them on pizzas or in salad. Eat them directly as a mouth freshener (they are highly antibacterial)

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